Learn About Shaw Direct

Shaw Direct is a leading direct-to-home digital TV provider with over 900,000 customers across Canada.

Our service is available from coast to coast. Canadians can choose where to buy a Shaw Direct system. The easiest and most direct way is by calling us or shopping online on this website.

Shaw Direct customers can choose from over 650 audio and video channels.

Customers also get access to Instant Pay Per View movies and events and more than 2,500 hours of original HDTV programming each month.

But our programming is just the start of the Shaw Direct experience. We stay in touch. You'll always know what's new and what is happening at Shaw Direct because of our commitment to customer care.

Call us anytime

Call Us AnytimeWe're serious about 24/7 service. Our friendly, knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives are available all day, every day. That's 365 days a year.

In 2002, we made a significant investment in our call center operations to ensure our customers are served as quickly and efficiently as possible. Over 700 representatives work the phones from call centers in Calgary, Mississauga and Montreal. Ergonomic workstations, loads of natural light and the latest communication technology make our open-concept centers state of the art.

Bilingual representatives are available at all three locations. Shifts and schedules ensure maximum staffing at our busiest times.

Call center staff communicate issues to the operation center in Mississauga, Ontario, where staff, working around the clock, monitor Shaw Direct signals ensuring reliable service.

Technical improvements

Technical ImprovementsPart of the 2002 upgrade to our call centres included a new telecom network that is like a virtual call centre. It's like all Shaw Direct Customer Service Representatives are at one location. No matter where you call from, you'll be instantly forwarded to the first available customer care representative.

To make this happen the automated phone system, or Interactive Voice Response, was rebuilt. It's very customer friendly. The easy-to-understand choices route the call to a representative that can help.

A new billing system, introduced in 2002, has streamlined the billing process and made it easier for call center representatives to deal with possible issues. All this means that Shaw Direct is able to serve customers better than ever before.

One Stop Shopping

One Stop ShoppingOur Customer Service Representatives are well trained. They can handle all of your questions. They have tools at their fingertips to check account status or provide the information you need.

We call it one-call resolution. It's quick and easy.

You can get all your questions or issues resolved by talking to one person. Everything from changing programming, to processing payments or answering billing questions, to technical help and purchasing new equipment can be done in one call.

Surf on over

Don't want to pick up the phone? All of these services are available online. You can send us a message through our Contact Us Online form in the Contact Us section of the website.

This powerful communication tool allows us to offer the same great customer service on email. Use the posting form to ask a question or get help. We promise to respond quickly. It's easy.

Our website has many self-serve features. You can buy a system or extra equipment; view your balance; pay a bill; set up pre-authorized payment or change your programming easily and securely online.

Contact Us Online

We stay in touch

We know buying a Shaw Direct system is an investment in good TV. That's why we go to such lengths to tell you about how you can make the most of your system and programming.

How do we do this? We have a range of ways to tell you about new products, services, programming and much more. It's all part of our commitment to customer service.

Billboard ChannelShaw Direct Promotional Channels: Watch for the latest and upcoming PPV events and movies on our Billboard Channels (200 and 779). Check out promotions and offers on the Shaw Direct channel (299/2).

Receiver MailReceiver Mail: Our technology allows us to send messages via satellite directly to your TV set. Viewers use their remote control to open mail containing news about programming promotions, billing, tips and more.

Customer UpdatesCustomer email updates: Stay informed with reminders of upcoming events and programming and information on new features and products.

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Customer UpdatesBig Picture newsletter: Our free monthly email newsletter with updates on upcoming Pay Per View movies and events, featured channels, special offers and other helpful information.

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Channel Guide MagazineShaw Direct Channel Guide magazine: Our monthly listings guide is your guide to great TV. On top of full channel listings broken down by time zone, you'll find exclusive stories and features, including interviews with big-name celebs.

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