How to Manage your Shaw FreeRange TV App via My Account

  1. Go to for Cable Customers and for Satellite Customers

  2. Click on My Account (Top Left)

    My account login button

  3. Sign in using your Shaw or Shaw Direct Credentials. If you have not established your My Account, please register your account to be able to start managing your Shaw FreeRange App

    My account sign in

  4. Once logged in, click on Manage Devices from the FreeRange TV left navigation area or main area seen in the body of the page. You will be presented with a list of devices that are registered under your account

  5. To Disable Parental Controls:
    1. Click on the mobile device(s) that you want to disable Parental Control
    2. Click on Disable Parental Control button
    Note: The Parental Control PIN will be reset and will be defaulted to 0000. You will have to re-establish your PIN again via the App if you wish to control Parental Ratings or to turn it on/off
  6. To remove a device associated to your Account:

    1. Click on the mobile device(s) that you want to remove
    2. Click on Remove Device Button

    Note: You will no longer be able to access Shaw FreeRange TV App content on the removed device. You will have to login again with your Shaw or Shaw Direct Credential.

    The downloaded contents will be automatically "returned" and will no longer be available in your "Downloads" even after you sign in again.