Advanced HDPVR Satellite System

Using Recording Functionality

The beauty of the Advanced HDPVR is the integrated Smart PVR Technology that gives you more options, more customization, and more control over your recording schedule!

To access the Personal Video Recorder (PVR) Menu, press MENU to bring up the menu bar. Select PVR to access the PVR menu choices.

Recording programs

Recording is easy with your Advanced HDPVR. Choose your program and then opt to record every episode, or only the new ones. Set options to end recordings late, so you don't miss anything if the game goes into overtime. Once you start customizing your Recording Events, you'll really be able to make the most of this great technology.

Recording options

Smart PVR Technology means that you have a variety of recording options that can be adjusted to ensure you record just what you want to and never miss a minute. From setting recordings to start a few minutes early, record only in HD, or only keep a few episodes, you'll find the adjustments in the PVR Options menu.

To access the PVR Options menu, bring up the menu bar. Select PVR, and then choose the Options tab.

PVR Options

Change Recording Options

The window that appears on your screen will bring up a list of recording events. They will be listed by priority, with the program name, date and time of next recording.

When a recording event is highlighted, you will see details about it and the recording settings. You'll also see your available disk space.

Highlight an event and click enter to change the settings for recording that show or movie.

You'll have a number of choices on the Edit Recording Event menu to customize. Any changes you make will be saved once you exit the PVR Options menu. If you've added a new recording, it's a good idea to always check to ensure the recording options are set the way you want them.

Options include:
Change Priority

Change Priority: Your PVR assigns a priority to each recording to determine what will be recorded in the event of a conflict with other recordings. Remember, your PVR can only record two programs at any one time. If you are watching live TV, you can only record one program.

New recurring recordings are added to the bottom of the priority list. A new one-time recording is added to the top of the list.

To change the priority of an item in the list, highlight the item, then choose change priority and press ENTER. The item will appear in yellow. Use the cursor arrow keys to move your selection up or down the priority list and press ENTER again to place the recording event in its new location.

View upcoming air dates: When you view this menu from the PVR list, you'll see the White circle icon next to the episode that will be recorded. To stop it from being recorded, highlight the episode and press Do Not Record This Program. You can then highlight another version and choose to record it instead by hitting Record This Program.

Delete recording event: This will delete this entry from the priority list, including all future episodes if this has been set as a recurring recording. This list of programs already recorded from this event will not be affected.


Recurrence: For TV series and regular programs, this menu item allows you to switch to record all episodes, or only the new episodes. Use the right and left arrows to choose All episodes, or New episodes. You may want to choose All Episodes for programs that are in syndication, repeated on specialty channels, or if the season is over.


Channels: You'll have four options here: SD (Standard Definition) only, HD (High Definition) only, All channels, or the specific channel the event was first created from. If set to one of the first three options, if there is a conflict between recordings your PVR will try to find another broadcast to record based on your selection. However, if Channels is set to a specific channel only and there are two higher-priority programs set to record, the PVR may be unable to schedule the episode at a different time and nothing will be recorded.

If you choose HD only, and your program is not available on an HD channel, then nothing will be recorded. If you choose to record in SD only, you'll save disk space on your Advanced HDPVR.

Start early - End late

Start early: Use the cursor arrow keys to add time in minutes to the start of a program to ensure you don't miss any of your show. This can be set at Off, or up to 90 minutes.

End late: Use the cursor arrow keys to add time in minutes to the end of a program to ensure you don't miss any of your program. This may be important if you are taping a live broadcast or sporting event that could go into overtime, or you don't want to miss the previews of next week's episode. This can be set at Off, or up to 90 minutes.

The Advanced HDPVR will disregard Start early and End late settings if engaging them will create a recording conflict and a different program will not be recorded.


Keep: This menu is only available for TV series and recurring programs. It allows you to choose the number of episodes of a particular program that you store on you PVR. Choose one, or as many as 14. The PVR will continue to record all new episodes, but the older ones will be automatically deleted and replaced by the newer recordings. Or, choose All episodes to save each one.

Keep Until: With Smart PVR Technology, your Advanced HDPVR will automatically delete the oldest unprotected recordings when your disk is full and space is needed for new recordings. You can protect recordings manually from the PVR List, or ensure they are automatically protected by changing this option. Your choices are:

Keep Until

Forever: If you choose this option, any recordings created from this Recording Event will not be deleted until you do so manually. They will be labeled as Protected in your PVR list, as indicated by the "hand" symbol.

Space is Needed: If you choose this option, recordings created from this Recording Event will be subject to automatic cleanup when space is needed for new recordings. You can always protect them manually later from the PVR List.

When you press EXIT, you will get a note confirming that the PVR is saving your changes. Don't turn your PVR off, change channels or press other buttons until the "Saving Recording Priorities" message is off the screen to ensure the new settings are saved properly.

Global PVR Settings

Global PVR Settings

There are some global options that can be changed through the PVR Settings menu, which is accessible when you press OPTIONS on you remote control and select number 5.

The important function here is PVR History. This changes the length of time that must pass before your Advanced HDPVR records a particular episode again. Your options are 0 days to 90 days. For example, if you set PVR history to 90 days and record a specific episode of your favourite show, if that same episode airs again within 90 days, it will not be recorded again.

Change the Start Early and End Late times here to create settings that will be used on each and every recording. For best results, it is recommended that you leave these settings off and adjust start early and end late for individual recording events within the PVR Options screen. Similar to the individual settings, the Advanced HDPVR will disregard global Start early and End late settings if engaging them will create a recording conflict.

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