Ultimate Choice

The perfect plan if you want the best of everything, including countless HD channels, all English theme packs, sports, classic movies, local and international news, tons of specialty programming, and more. This package is a TV lover’s dream, with the freedom to add Time Shift and premium channels.
$70 off
$ 41

Intro offer for 1 month**

$111.00/MO regular rate

Ultimate satellite TV package
  • Over 305 channels
  • with over 75 in HD
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What you get


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logo aside
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CBC News Network
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logo nfl_network
logo nickelodeon
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logo omni1
logo one
logo own
logo out_tv
logo pbs
logo peachtree
logo cbc_radio1
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logo radio_cfox
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logo radio_ched
logo radio_chfi
logo radio_chin
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logo radio_chum_1050am
logo radio_chum_fm
logo radio_cilq
logo radio_cing
logo radio_cirk
logo radio_cisn
logo radio_ciut
logo radio_cklg
logo radio_cjcl
logo radio_cjjr
logo radio_cjkr
logo radio_cjob
logo radio_cjrt
logo radio_ckng
logo radio_cknw
logo radio_ckrw
logo radio_ckry
logo radio_ckst
logo radio_ckua
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logo galaxie
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logo teletoon
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logo the_weather_network
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Univision TV
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logo w_network
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Watch TV anytime, anywhere with FreeRange TV

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Package features

44 sports channels to choose from

5 time zones to watch

40 commercial-free music stations

And more...

  • Local programming
  • Free HD with SD channels
  • Pay Per View at your fingertips
Channel availability varies by province. New customers receive the Canadian networks from their province (e.g. Atlantic customers receive their networks from the Atlantic region).

TV to fit your schedule


Time Shift

Add Time Shift and watch local networks from across Canada and one time-shifted group of standard and high definition U.S. networks.
$ 6
00 /MO

Movies East

Includes The Movie Network and exclusive HBO series.
$ 19
Learn more

Super Channel

Blockbuster movies, series, concerts and more.
$ 19
Learn more

*Net $0 HDPVR and HD Receiver is based on a $449.98 purchase price less a $450 hardware credit. Hardware credit offer for qualified customers only, on approved credit (OAC). Not all customers will qualify. Other offers may be available. Taxes extra. In the event that your services are terminated or disconnected at any time within one (1) year from the date you receive the hardware credit, any receiver(s) (HD or HDPVR) provided to you for net $0 must be returned to Shaw Direct within thirty (30) days or you will be charged for the full retail price of the receiver(s). Basic installation is provided at no cost for at least the first receiver. Installation fees apply to additional hardware and range from $49.99 to $99.99. Some areas may be considered self-serve and are outside of regular Shaw Direct installation areas. A multi-receiver fee (MRF) of $5.99 may apply for customers with 2 or more receivers. Shipping fees may apply.

†App and desktop access only available to Shaw Direct Satellite TV subscribers. Channel availability is based on customer’s satellite TV subscription and Shaw’s mobile distribution rights. Subject to Internet connectivity. Subject to blackout restrictions.

**Offer available for a limited time and is subject to change without notice. Regular prices are subject to change. Promotional credit is inclusive of applicable taxes. Available to qualified customers who haven't been subscribed to Shaw Direct for the past 180 days. Customer must sign up for a minimum of 60 days to qualify for Refer a Friend program. Friends and Family are eligible.

‡Based on an independent survey conducted by SRG of Canadian satellite customers (December 2015).

ˇSecond residence must not be in same city as primary account, and customer must provide proof of second residence ownership. 50% off is available on select packages only and excludes Ontario Life.

Δ Limited TV customers must take a U.S. Network feed before adding Timeshift.

All Shaw Direct services are subject to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.