HD Guide
Software Update

From January 25 through February 5, 2016 we will be updating the software on all HDDSR 600, HDDSR 605 and HDPVR 630 receivers. This update, with current version 50.25, will enhance your HD guide experience.

Version 50.25 - January 2016

Free Preview Display

Channels on Free Preview will now be indicated by gold coloured bars in the Guide. When tuning in, you'll also be alerted to the preview.

Preferences Screen Updates

We've reorganized the Preferences screen and added new options.

Reorganized Preferences

New headers have been added and certain options rearranged to make them easier to find. Any customizations will be retained when this update is installed.

Notification Setting

You can choose the type of notifications that are displayed, including turning them off completely. This is customized on a per-user basis.

Alert Advance Notice

It's now possible to adjust when alerts (for dual recordings or auto-tunes) appear. The default is still 2 minutes prior.

Recording Live Events

When setting a recording for a live program you will now be asked if you want to add extra time to the end of the recording, in case it runs past the scheduled end.

Multi-Delete Mode

When deleting a recording, your HDPVR 630 will now ask if you want to enter "Multi-delete" mode. When you do, simply use the EENTER key to check as many recordings as you want, and press the C button. After confirming, the checked recordings will be deleted all at once.

Other enhancements

Additional enhancements include:

  • Release Notes can now be reviewed at any time from the Settings > Status menu
  • The HDPVR 630 can now be operated as a single-tuner PVR when only 1 line is available to be connected
    • With only 1 line connected, you can only record a single program at once. If 1 program is being recorded, a previously recorded program or On Demand title must be viewed.
    • You must enable Single Tuner Mode under Settings > Preferences> Tuners & Storage
  • With the standard 2 lines connected to your HDPVR 630, you can now reserve a tuner to ensure you are always able to watch live programs.
    • When set to "Always", the PVR will never schedule two programs for recording at the same (even if it means missing one).
    • When set to "Prime time", one tuner will be reserved from 6:00- 10:59PM local time. Outside of these hours, dual recordings may be scheduled.
  • Scheduling has been optimized on the HDPVR 630 to prefer MPEG4 stations where possible, allowing you to record even more HD content.