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Shaw Direct on Demand - browsing and ordering

Shaw Direct On Demand (also known as Video On Demand or VOD) gives you access to the latest movies and buzz-worthy shows, many of which are included with your subscription at no additional cost. Learn how to access Shaw Direct On Demand online or through your TV.

Watch on TV

The full Shaw Direct On Demand library is available for streaming through your 6XX receiver when connected to your high-speed Internet connection.

1. Press the "D" button on your remote
2. Select "Browse On Demand" to view content grouped by genre or network.
3. Press "ENTER" on a title you wish to order, follow the prompts and enjoy!

Note: Select "VOD Title Search" if you know exactly what you're looking for.

Browse online and watch on your TV
You're also able to browse the full VOD content library online, or through the Shaw On Demand Search app, and send the order right to your TV.

  • You'll need to log in with your Shaw ID credentials
  • Visit to browse on your computer
  • Download the Shaw On Demand Search app, available for Apple and Android devices
  • Browse and order titles, or save them for later in your Wishlist

Note: Wishlist titles are shared and available to order across your receiver, and the Search app.

    Watch online

    Through FreeRange TV, you're able to stream many titles online with your computer, laptop or mobile device, based on your subscription. Note, not all titles available through Shaw Direct On Demand are available on FreeRange.

    1. Go to, or download and open the Shaw FreeRange TV app from the App Store or Google Play.
    2. Sign in using your Shaw ID credentials
      • Be sure to click the "Shaw Direct tab" before entering your information.
    3. Click the "On Demand" button to find content available for on-demand streaming.
    4. Click "Watch" to make your selection and enjoy!