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Shaw Direct On Demand frequently asked questions

Browse these frequently asked questions for more information about Shaw Direct's On Demand Service. From cost to ordering instructions, learn more about VOD with our FAQ.

What is Shaw Direct On Demand?

Shaw Direct On Demand is your portal to access thousands of movie titles, music videos and TV programs. You'll need to be a Shaw Direct satellite TV subscriber with high-speed internet to access the service. Watch your selection just like a DVD – pause, rewind and fast forward.

There's no need to leave the house and you can watch your order as often as you like until it expires. Choose from new releases, comedies, dramas, thrillers, classics, TV series and more, many of which are available in HD.

Browse our super selection of titles for free with your Shaw Direct Remote, on the Shaw Direct On Demand website.

What is the difference between Shaw Direct On Demand and Pay Per View?

Shaw Direct On Demand lets you watch a movie or series title any time you want. You can pause, fast forward and rewind your selection with your Shaw Direct Remote – even if you don't have a PVR. Or shut it off and watch later – provided it's within your purchase window, which varies depending upon your selection of movie or series.

Pay Per View is the perfect choice for watching great live events such as UFC or WWE. It also has a number of new-release movie titles that start at scheduled times.

Shaw Direct on Demand FAQ

How much does Shaw Direct On Demand cost?
Browsing the VOD library is completely free - you'll be asked to confirm any purchases before they are made.
Paid orders start as low as $0.99 each, while movies range from $3.99 to $6.99 per title.

VOD also features thousands of titles from dozens of networks that are included with your subscription at no additional cost. If you subscribe to the channel, you can catch up on lots of their programming whenever you want via the VOD menu.

How do I place a Shaw Direct On Demand order?
Please see Shaw Direct on Demand - ordering and browsing

How can I prevent my Children from ordering Shaw Direct On Demand content?
All existing Parental Controls will apply based on the rating limit set within parental controls and the rating of the program, just the same as with live content.
If you wish to prevent additional charges or bandwidth usage, press "OPTIONS", select "Parental Controls" and go into the "Permissions" menu. From here, you are able disable free orders (to save internet bandwidth) or set purchase limits.

How do I pay for my order?
The cost of VOD orders are simply added to your next Shaw Direct invoice. The name of each order and the date of the order will be detailed. However, for your privacy, any Adult rated titles will be discreetly billed, without displaying the title of the order.

Can the same movie be watched on two different TVs?
Yes, if both receivers are connected to your high-speed internet. However, you are only able to view the same title on one receiver at a time. You are able to start watching an active order in one room, stop it, and then pick it up in another room.

Can I cancel an order?

The cost of your order will be added to your monthly Shaw Direct bill with details on the name and date of the order. Titles ordered from the adult section will not include the title on your invoice.

Can I view my order history?
Use "My Orders" on your receiver or on to see orders placed in the last 90 days.

Can I access Shaw Direct On Demand outside of Canada?
No, Shaw Direct On Demand is only available within Canada.

Can I limit the amount of bandwidth used when watching Shaw Direct On Demand through my receiver?
Yes, you can limit bandwidth consumption by setting a maximum data rate. This will cap the amount of data used, but may lower the picture quality. Normally, on-demand content will stream at the highest available quality based on your internet connection.

1. Press "OPTIONS" on your remote
2. Select "Preferences"
3. Select "Network Settings"
4. Find Maximum download rate and use the "LEFT" and "RIGHT" arrow buttons to set a maximum data rate

I have an HDPVR, can I record on-demand content?
No, licensing restrictions prevent the ability to make copies of the content. However, all orders are available for unlimited viewing for at least 24 hours after the order is placed.