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  • What is a Seasonal Break?

    A seasonal break is a way for you to temporarily suspend your Shaw Direct services for a period of time between 14 and 180 days.
  • How to start your Seasonal Break

    Shaw Direct’s Seasonal Break service allows you to suspend your programming while you are on holidays. There are two options to start your seasonal break.
  • How to adjust or cancel your Seasonal Break

    Need to adjust or cancel your Seasonal Break for your Shaw Direct programming? Follow these steps to reconnect your services or extend your break.
  • My receiver says "not authorized" or "not subscribed" after returning from seasonal break

    A common reason that your receiver may display a “not authorized” or “not subscribed” message is that your services have not been resumed following a request for Seasonal Break. If you are returning earlier than was indicated when you requested the break, you will need to contact Shaw Direct in order to resume your services.