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6XX receivers software update - Version 56.05

From April 14 through April 26, 2019 we will be updating the software on all HDDSR 600, HDDSR 605, and HDPVR 630 receivers.

Did you know?

While the download is in progress, HDDSR 605 and HDPVR 630 units will display counting numbers on the front panel. This is normal.

Features and bug fixes

Current version 56.05 does not include any user-facing changes; however, it includes under-the-hood performances fixes and improvements to device memory.

Customer download details

During the download period, we will be targeting a subset of 6XX units to be updated to 56.05.
Around 12:00 PM ET, all targeted receivers will briefly display a notification advising that a software update is available. Customers can choose to start the download immediately, or else wait and the unit will automatically update at 2:10 AM local time. As per usual, customers will be unable to watch TV for up to 50 minutes during the update, and Guide data will need to be reloaded following the update.