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Initial receiver setup

Learn how to complete the initial setup of your receiver for your Shaw Direct TV services. After the initial setup, you will be able to change settings via Preferences as needed.

Receiver set-up

The first time your receiver is turned on, you'll be asked to go through a short initial setup process. This setup feature will optimize the receiver settings based on your TV type. On-screen and Guide preferences can be changed at any time by pressing "OPTIONS" on your remote and then selecting "Preferences".

  1. Select whether you would like your on-screen menus in English or French
    • This will not affect the language of TV programs
  2. Select the type of TV your receiver is connected to:
    • SDTV (CRT) will have the largest on-screen text, 6 rows of Guide data, with no channel logos displayed in your Guide
    • HDTV Small will have medium text, 6 rows of Guide data and channel logos in your Guide
    • HDTV Large will have small text, 8 rows of Guide data and channel logos in your Guide

Note: HDTV Large displays the most information within the Guide view, but the text will be smaller to offer the additional information.