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Offer: Trade in credit for upgrading your HDPVR 630 to an HDPVR 830

Shaw Direct is offering customers a trade in credit of $100 to upgrade to the latest HDPVR 830 model. Continue reading for more details.

Offer overview

With the recent launch of the HDPVR 830, Shaw Direct is offering a trade in credit to all customers with an HDPVR 630 to upgrade to our newest PVR model. This offer comes at a great time as Shaw Direct is currently undergoing an HD network upgrade that will allow customers to watch all their favourite channels in HD.

The HDPVR 830 comes with many improved features such as a 1 TB hard drive and built-in WiFi capabilities. For more information about the HDPVR 830's features, see the following section.

Contact us if you are interested in taking advantage of this offer. More offer details below.

HDPVR 830 feature summary

  • With its massive 1 TB (1,000 GB) hard drive, you can record over 300 hours of HD TV.
  • This receiver comes with built-in WiFi capabilities for wireless connectivity to your home network.
  • Order PPV instantly via the built-in wireless Internet connection.
  • Enjoy a UHF remote control (URC600) with a built-in antenna.
  • Easily access your favourite channels with its powerful HD Guide, the same one provided with the HDPVR 630.

Offer details

We are offering existing HDPVR 630 customers the option to purchase a brand new HDPVR 830 for the retail price of $199.99 + applicable taxes, which is equivalent to a $100 discount from the regular price.

To take advantage of this offer, you will be required to return your HDPVR 630 to us. Please note that if you do not return your equipment, you will be charged the equipment non-return fee of $249.99, following our policy on equipment.

For more information, please contact us using one of the following methods:

  • Live chat with us by clicking here.
  • Phone us at 1-888-554-7827