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  • FreeRange App Overview

    Learn more about the Shaw FreeRange app with this overview that covers everything from supported devices, sign in process and features of the app. The Shaw FreeRange app makes all of today’s best mobile TV app programming and access to live broadcast streams available through one, easy-to-use app, whenever and wherever you want to watch it.
  • Set up and manage FreeRange TV Parental Controls

    Learn how to set up and manage parental controls in FreeRange TV. Use the FreeRange App to enable Safe Browse and set restrictions based on ratings and channel locks.
  • FreeRange TV, How to manage your account

    Learn how to manage your Shaw FreeRange TV app from My Account. You can use this option to add or remove a device from your account.
  • FreeRange TV app Download-to-go feature

    Learn about the Shaw FreeRange TV app Download-to-go feature including how to download the app and how to use the Download-to-go feature.
  • How to enjoy FreeRange TV on your computer

    Learn how to access FreeRange TV on your computer or laptop.