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  • How to record with your PVR

    Learn some quick and easy ways to use your PVR to record your favourite shows and movies.
  • How to view recorded programs

    Learn how to use the PVR List feature to access your recorded programs in one convenient location. From the PVR List you can manage your list of recordings and have the option of deleting recordings to free up space on your PVR.
  • How to play recorded programs

    Learn how to play recorded programs from your Shaw Direct receiver, as well as understand the various functions of the Playback bar.
  • How to troubleshoot external hard drive issues

    Learn how to troubleshoot external hard drive issues when configuring your Shaw Direct TV hardware. If you are setting up an external hard drive for the first time, you can find system requirements and setup instructions on our feature page.

Additional Articles

  • HDPVR icons

    Learn what the recording icons in the guide and recording icons in the PVR mean to help you easily manage your PVR recordings.