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Learn about sports blackouts

Ever wonder why a particular sporting event gets blacked out? Sports blackouts are a result of rules set by broadcasters, professional sports teams and their respective Leagues. Learn about what sports blackouts are and how they may impact your Shaw Direct programming.

What are blackouts

Sports blackout rules are local or regional restrictions set by the broadcasters, professional sports team and their leagues. Blackouts are set to promote loyalty and fan support that generates revenue for local teams.

Each league has different blackout rules that can change at any time. Sometimes a local sports team blacks out a game in the city (and surrounding regions) where it’s being played, to encourage fan attendance to the game. Or, a game may only be available to local residents and is blacked out for the rest of the country.

When you tune into an event that has been blacked out for your area, you will be notified via an on-screen message.