Great Programming, it's your Choice

The biggest advantage of Shaw Direct is that you can choose the programming that's right for you.

Shaw Direct has tons of programming packages for you to tailor your programming to meet your individual style.

Depending on where you live in Canada, you can enjoy over 650 audio and video channels, including 44 dedicated sports channels, over 210 dedicated high-definition channels, a selection of more than 2,000 movies every month and a complete lineup up of radio and music channels.

Shaw Direct also delivers adult programming, as well as a wide selection of the hottest Pay Per View events and movies.

At Shaw Direct, you choose the programming that's right for you.

It all begins with the Essentials, featuring up to 180 video and audio channels*, including CTV, CBC, Global, City, A-Channel and popular networks such as TSN, as well as top U.S. networks, including ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and FOX. Up to 115 HD channels are included at no extra cost*. With radio services and 40 digital music channels your TV experience is off to an exceptional start, but that's not all.

After the Essentials, you simply complete your television experience with Movies, a full selection of Specialty Choice Bundles, Pick 'n' Pay, Stand-Alone or Premium channels.

Channel Lineups
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*Must be subscribed to a package that includes English Essentials to receive ALL High Definition channels offered at no extra cost. Subscription to equivalent standard-definition channel required. Must have an HDTV, an HD receiver and an elliptical satellite dish to receive and view High Definition channels.

Time-shifting advantage

One of the biggest advantages with Shaw Direct is what we call time shifting. Even in the basic Essentials package, we carry programming from five different time zones.

So, over the course of an evening, a show carried on a major network such as CTV or Global, would be on at up to five different times. You choose your start time.

For example, if you live in Vancouver, you can watch CBC's National at 10 p.m. Halifax time, four hours earlier than you'd get it at home. You could also watch it at 11 p.m. from Toronto or 1 a.m. from Edmonton. It's Peter Mansbridge on demand.

Get the Essentials

It all starts with the Essentials. This is basic programming that everyone receives, including up to 180 basic audio and video channels. You choose the English, French or Bilingual option.

You'll find your favourite network shows here. It includes CBC, Global, CTV, independent stations from across Canada, all the U.S. networks including PBS, the Weather Network, CTV News Channel, CBC Newsworld and the Shopping Channel.

The Essentials include loads of local stations: Access, TVOntario, City, A-Channel and more. Think you can't get your local channels with satellite? Think again.

Another bonus is the music channels. You'll find your favourite tunes on one of 40 commercial-free, CD-quality music stations and a host of the best AM and FM stations from across the country.

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Choose your specialty bundles

Once you have the essentials, you can choose from up to 18 bundles of specialty channels. This is where you'll find many of the most popular channels available.

We group them according to interests.

Makes sense doesn't it? A bachelor pad probably doesn't need kids programming. Testosterone-free homes may not want every sports channel.

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Take 1, Take 2

Want to get a few more channels without paying for a whole bundle? Create your own channel combinations.

Shaw Direct offers more than 50 channels that you can add to your programming package individually.

You can pick The Biography Channel, National Geographic, Telelatino, the NHL Network and many more.

Why only some channels? It has to do with our broadcasting license. Canadian rules stipulate that some channels must be offered as part of a package.

Pick individual Take 1 channels for only $2.50 or combine them into Take 2 channel packs for only $3.00. You can combine up to three Take 2 channel packs.

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An included fee not to exceed 0.5% of your monthly charges shall apply to fund Shaw Direct's contribution to the CRTC's Local Programming Improvement Fund.

Movies and Premium Channels

We have movie packages for both Eastern and Western Canada. Want more movies? There’s Movies Extra East, Movies Extra West and Super Channel. These show dozens of classic movies each week often commercial free. Several of our movie packages include access to On Demand content. If you subscribe to Movie Central, The Movie Network or Super Channel you will automatically receive the corresponding On Demand content included with your subscription – now available directly on your TV with Shaw Direct On Demand.

Plus, the Premium channels show great ethnic programming, including the Fairchild Television Network, which broadcasts in Cantonese, and the Asian Television Network, which includes Radio Punjab.

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What's it cost?

We offer a full range of English, French and Bilingual programming packages. Find a package that meets your needs and budget.

It's easy to add to or change your programming package. You can do it online or by calling us at 1.888.554.7827. You'll see the changes clearly reflected on your monthly statement.

Don't forget, you can add Take 1 and Take 2 channels to any programming package.

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HDTV Programming

With HDTV, you get the clearest view of your favourite programs: The 50-yard line for Superbowl, front row with the Rolling Stones, the seat next to Jay Leno on the Tonight Show. The picture quality is so clear, it's almost real.

Shaw Direct offers up to 115 HD channels, at no additional cost. The Essentials package includes HD broadcasts from CTV, CBC, TSN, ABC, CBC, FOX, NBC and PBS. Subscribers to the Movies, Films, Super Channel and Sports bundles can enjoy HD programming from Super Channel, The Movie Network (East) or Movie Central (West) as well as Super Écran and Rogers Sportsnet, at no extra charge. All you need is a Shaw Direct HD receiver and a high-definition TV and you will be well on your way to experiencing television at its finest.

Bring home television's finer details with a Shaw Direct HD receiver. Motorola's Advanced HD Receiver and Advanced HDPVR receivers are the clear choice for a great digital television experience.

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Learn more about the Advanced HD Receiver
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Pay Per View at your fingertips

Every Shaw Direct customer can access hundreds of Pay Per View movies and special events on Pay Per View.

Got a sudden urge for a little Tom Cruise? You can watch a great movie without leaving the couch.

Your receiver comes ready to watch Pay Per View. Your installer will connect a phone line and activate Instant Pay Per View (IPPV). IPPV is not available with 200-series receivers.

Then, when the mood hits, you click the Pay Per View button on your remote control. Scroll through the choices. Highlight what you want to watch, and click enter.

Your receiver will call Shaw Direct to add the charge to the bill. Sit back, relax and enjoy your program.

Learn more about Pay Per View
What's on Pay Per View
How to hook up Instant Pay Per View

How do you know what's on?

With so many channels, choosing what to watch can be daunting. Shaw Direct helps.

You can find out what's on with our Interactive Program Guide. It is an on-screen listing of all channels, shows and start times.

Press the guide button on the remote control to launch the Guide. It tells you what's on today and for the next two days. Scroll through the channels and shows with the channel and arrow buttons. Move the cursor to a program, press enter and you'll be watching it.

The guide can be customized to reflect your favourite channels. It will store up to four lists, so every family member can easily find what's on his or her favourite channels.

Learn more about the Interactive Program Guide

Read all about it

Subscribe to the Shaw Direct Channel Guide magazine, and you'll get our monthly guide to great TV. On top of stories and interviews with your favourite stars, it also has detailed monthly listings for every time zone in Canada.

The Channel Guide allows you to plan your television viewing a full month in advance.

If you just want the highlights, sign-up to our free Customer Updates to get all of the latest information on special offers, upcoming promotions and news.

We can also use your receiver to send you messages. Click on the options menu and view your mail. We send messages about programming, technical help, promotions and billing information.

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