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FreeRange TV frequently asked questions

Learn more about FreeRange TV with our frequently asked questions. From device limits to types of content that can be accessed, our FreeRange TV FAQs answer common questions about Shaw FreeRange TV.

    About FreeRange TV

    What is Shaw FreeRange TV?

    Shaw FreeRange TV gives you access to your TV subscription in one place, you can watch over 80 live TV channels, on-demand content on your phone or tablet and gives you the ability to download over 1,000 on-demand titles for offline viewing.

    Shaw FreeRange TV is available for download for Shaw Cable and Shaw Direct customers and is included at no additional cost as part of your TV subscription.

    NOTE: The content you can access with Shaw FreeRange TV is dependent on the TV package you subscribe to.

    What content will I have access to through Shaw FreeRange TV?

    As a Shaw customer you will have access to most of your current TV subscription, including live TV shows, movies, sports and on-demand content.

    NOTE: The content you can access with Shaw FreeRange TV is dependent on the TV package you subscribe to.

    How does Shaw Direct– like all broadcast distributors– negotiate with content creators to carry channels and shows for our customers to watch?

    As many of our customers now watch content online, or through apps (like FreeRange TV), these negotiations now include the right to air channels and shows on mobile devices.

    The content that you are able to access through Shaw FreeRange TV is a result of the mobile rights we’ve secured with our broadcast partners.

    In some cases, there are increased restrictions on the content we can provide our customers digitally, which can affect where and how our customers watch this content, and for how long they’re able to access it.

    Given this, we are committed to working with all distributors to give our customers access to the most content possible, and will continue adding more content as we can.

    Where will Shaw’s FreeRange TV be available?

    Shaw Cable and Shaw Direct customers are able to download the app on supported iOS and Android devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android Tablets and Smartphones. Apple devices must have iOS 9.0 or later release and Android devices must have OS 4.1 or later release.

    Who will have access to Shaw FreeRange TV?

    Shaw Cable and Shaw Direct subscribers have access to Shaw FreeRange TV at no additional cost as part of your TV subscription, you will be able to download the app on supported iOS and Android devices.

    Shaw Business customers will not have access to Shaw FreeRange TV at this time.

    How do I get Shaw FreeRange TV?

    The app is available for direct download at both the Apple iTunes and Android Google Play stores. You can find more information about Shaw FreeRange TV, including links to download, by visiting

    What kind of features and functionality will the app provide compared to the existing TV apps?

    Download-to-go functionality is a first for Shaw and allows you to download select on-demand kids’ titles for offline viewing.

    Shaw FreeRange TV provides a single place for you to view your TV subscription when you’re at home or on-the-go. This includes access to live TV and on-demand content.

    Rather than switching between apps, you can access the networks (where Shaw has mobile rights) you subscribe to through one app, creating a more seamless user experience.

    Shaw FreeRange TV provides episode suggestions based on the content watched and stores your viewing history for a full year to make it easier than ever to binge watch a new TV series or find that favourite movie.

    Rotten Tomatoes and Flixster movie ratings are embedded throughout the app to ensure you can make informed viewing decisions without browsing away from the app.

    Parental Controls and Safe Browse features enable the entire family to safely access content.

    Available devices

    Do I need a special set-top box or receiver to use Shaw FreeRange TV?

    No, the FreeRange TV app is a standalone product and does not connect to our current set-top boxes or receivers.

    What devices support FreeRange TV?

    Shaw FreeRange TV is available on iOS devices (iOS 9 or newer) and most Android (Ice-cream Sandwich 4.1 or newer) devices.

    What devices are compatible with Shaw FreeRange TV?

    The app works with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch as well as Android Tablets and Smartphones. Apple devices must have iOS 9.0 or later and Android devices must have OS 4.1 or later.

    Shaw FreeRange TV does not support Chromecast, AirPlay, gaming consoles or the Android equivalent of Air Play at this time.

    Streaming content

    Can I watch Shaw FreeRange TV on any Internet connection?

    Yes, Shaw FreeRange TV can be accessed using your in-home Internet connection, on-the-go using Shaw Go WiFi or while connected to a cellular data network.

    Are Video On Demand (VOD) and Pay-Per-View (PPV) Events available on Shaw FreeRange TV?

    No, the app does not support this functionality.

    How many devices per account can access the Shaw FreeRange TV app at the same time?

    You are able to download Shaw FreeRange TV on up to 40 devices per Shaw Cable or Shaw Direct account. When a 41st device is introduced, the 1st authorized device is automatically replaced.

    Once the app is downloaded, two devices can simultaneously stream content at the same time and five of the authorized devices can download titles for offline viewing.

    Note: When a third stream is initiated, you will receive an error message that the other two streams are in use. You must wait until one of the other two streams is stopped before watching on your device.

    Can I watch Shaw FreeRange TV outside of Canada?

    You can watch downloaded content from anywhere, even outside of Canada; however, the content must be downloaded within Canada and expires within 30 days.

    The ability to stream live TV and on-demand content on Shaw FreeRange TV is not available to customers who use the app outside of Canada due to content rights restrictions.

    Can two devices watch the same live channel at the same time?

    Yes, a maximum of two devices per registered account can stream content the same time.

    Note: When a third stream is initiated, you will receive an error message indicating that two streams are in use. You must wait until one of the other two streams has stopped before watching on your device.

    What will the channel line-up look like on the app?

    Shaw FreeRange TV will put content first, meaning you can access the movies and shows you want to watch without needing to remember what network, channel or platform is carrying them.

    Say goodbye to channel numbers! The guide is intelligently grouped by theme making navigation a breeze. You can also select one of the genre categories to filter sports, kids’ content or movies. The order and grouping of channels is similar to our HD lineup.

    You can also use the app’s search capabilities to find shows and movies from your TV subscription.

    Can I stream Video On Demand or live TV to another monitor from Shaw FreeRange TV?

    On PC/MAC, Shaw Freerange is available for online streaming through the URL

    Requirements for PC/MAC viewing:

    • Software Platform: Adobe Flash
    • Operating System: Windows 7+ or Mac OS X 10.7+
    • Web Browser: IE 10+, Chrome, Safari 5.1+, Microsoft Edge, Firefox

    All video output (HDMI, airplay, DLNA etc.) is blocked for iOS and Android.

    Can I pause, rewind, or fast forward live TV or on-demand programs in the app?

    Pause and rewind is available for all on-demand networks, fast-forward is available for most.

    You cannot pause, rewind or fast-forward live TV.

    Are seasonal packages such as NFL Sunday Ticket or NHL Centre Ice available for streaming on Shaw FreeRange TV?

    No, not at this time.

    Is the app available in French?

    Not at this time.

    Do blackout restrictions apply with Shaw FreeRange TV?

    We strive to provide you with the best on-the-go viewing experience that we can, and in order to do that, sometimes programs may be unavailable or ‘blacked out’.

    Programming available to you on Shaw FreeRange TV is based on what you have access to on your set-top box at home as well as the mobile viewing restrictions.

    We work with our network partners to maximize the number of programs viewable on a mobile device at any given time, but you may experience situations where the content you are trying to view is not available on Shaw FreeRange TV.

    For example, when you travel outside of a sport league’s defined viewing boundary, the games you can view at home may be unavailable on your mobile device.

    For more information on blackout restrictions, visit the Shaw Support Community.

    Will use of the app on my home Internet connection count against my allotted monthly data usage?

    Like all other video streaming apps, the Shaw FreeRange TV will count against your monthly allotted Internet data usage.

    Note: Customers cannot alter the resolution of the videos.

    Download-to-go functionality

    What content will be available to download from Shaw FreeRange TV at launch?

    At launch, over 1,000 on-demand kids’ titles will be available to download; however, the number of titles available for download depend on what’s included in your current TV subscription.

    How do I download content for offline playback?

    If a title is available for download, the option will appear next to “Watch.” The file download will be allowed to commence provided that your device has sufficient space available and that no other device associated with your account has downloaded/checked out the same title.

    Customers can also apply a filter while browsing on-demand titles to only display shows with titles that are available for download.

    How many titles will I be able to download to my device and view without an internet connection?

    At launch, you can download up to 10 select on-demand kids’ titles per device and can add up to 5 devices designated to download per account.

    Titles can only be checked out (downloaded) by one device at a time, per account.

    If you want to download additional content you will be required to check in titles (remove them from their device) prior to downloading.

    What type of Internet connection I need to download content?

    Shaw FreeRange TV allows you to stream or download content over any WiFi connection, whether in-home or on-the-go. You also have the ability to stream and download content over a 3G or 4G cellular connection; however, data charges may apply. Check your wireless provider's rate plan for details. Once content is downloaded, a connection is not needed to play.

    How do I manage devices for the streaming and download features?

    You can manage your download-to-go devices through the app and streaming devices via Shaw or Shaw Direct My Account.

    To manage download-to-go devices visit the ‘Settings’ menu in the app and open ‘Manage Download Devices’ to de-authorize. To manage streaming devices, log into your Shaw or Shaw Direct My Account to de-authorize or remove a device. Go to Shaw FreeRange TV App page, choose the device you want to de-authorize and click "Remove Device".

    Note: Removing a device will return any downloads.

    How long can I access downloaded movies and shows on my device?

    You can access your downloaded programs for a maximum of 30 days, however, if that content becomes unavailable due to rights restrictions before the title availability window expires, it may be returned sooner.

    How many movies or shows can I download?

    You can have up to 10 downloaded programs on one device, provided the device has adequate storage capacity.

    Can I move downloaded programs to another device and play them?

    No, you can only play back a program on the enabled device that originally downloaded the program.

    What happens when a download is interrupted? Can I watch a movie or show while it's downloading? Or one that was partially downloaded?

    You cannot watch a program until the download is complete. If there is an interruption (e.g., loss of power or connectivity), the download will automatically pause. You can resume the download when you re-launch the app.

    Will downloading content over a cellular network incur data charges?

    Downloading content over a cellular network may incur data charges. Please check your wireless rate plan for details.

    Note: You can watch downloaded content offline anywhere in the world as long as it is downloaded while in Canada.