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Learn about the Ignite TV App (formerly BlueCurve TV App) download-to-go feature including how to download the app and how to use the Download-to-go feature.

How to download

To download an On Demand title to your mobile device you can select the "download-to-go" icon. TV shows must be added by episode.

To make finding downloadable titles easier, you can filter On Demand TV Shows, Movies and Networks by "Available for Download" to see only titles that you can download to your device for offline viewing.

How to manage devices

When you first request to download content, the device you are using will automatically be authorized for Download-to-go (D2G) use. If you reach your device limit, the Ignite TV App will present you with a message letting you know that you cannot register any more devices.

There are two ways in which you can de-authorize an old device from this service so that you can add a new one in its place:

Option One: From Within the Ignite TV App

From within the Ignite TV App, you can select an option to de-authorize the specific device you're using - you cannot de-authorize other devices on the account. To access this option, select "Settings" and then "Manage Download Devices".

Option Two: From My Account

Through My Account, you can simply remove the device from the authorized list for Ignite TV App. This will remove access to both the app and de-authorize the device for download-to-go. Once your device has become de-authorized you will no longer be able to access the app or any downloaded content.


The Ignite TV App includes "Download-to-go" feature, which allows you to download select On Demand titles from Ignite TV App directly to your mobile device so that you can watch it at a later time without having to be connected to the Internet or use your devices mobile data.

How many devices can I use download-to-go on?
There is a 5 device limit.

How many devices can I download to each device?
You can download up to 10 titles onto your device. To download more, you will first need to delete existing downloaded titles.

When do titles expire?
Titles that have been downloaded to a device will expire and become unavailable for offline playback after 30 days.

What is the Download-to-go playback quality?
You will have the choice of "medium" and "high" video playback quality when initiating a download - selecting "high" quality means a larger file size. On smaller displays, the difference in viewing experience between high and medium video quality is not significant, therefore we recommend medium video quality due to its smaller file size.

What content will be available to download?
Over 1,000 on-demand kids’ titles will be available to download; however, the titles available for download depend on what’s included in your current TV subscription with Shaw Direct.

How do I download content to view offline at a later time?
There will be an option to download next to "Watch" if the feature is supported for that particular title. Given sufficient space in your device, and that no other device associated with the account has downloaded the same title, the file will begin download.
Find titles available for download only by applying a filter while browsing the selection of on-demand titles.

How many titles can I download to and view on my device without Internet?
You can download up to 10 select on-demand kids’ titles per device and add up to five devices designated to download per account. If you want to download additional content you will be required to check in titles (remove them from the device) prior to downloading.
Note that titles can only be checked out (downloaded) by one device at a time, per account.

What type of Internet connection do I need to download a title?
With the Ignite TV App, you can stream and download content, whether in-home or on the go, using any WiFi connection or over a 3G or 4G cellular connection (data charges may apply). Check your wireless provider's rate plan for more details. Once downloaded, a connection is not needed to play back the title.

How do I manage authorized devices?
You can manage your download-to-go devices through the app and streaming devices via My Shaw Direct.
Visit the ‘Settings’ menu in the app and open ‘Manage Download Devices’ to de-authorize devices. You can also de-authorize or remove devices by logging in to your My Shaw Direct account. Go to the Ignite TV App App page, choose the device you want to de-authorize and click "Remove Device".
Note: Removing a device will return any downloads on the device

How long can I access downloaded movies and shows on my device?
You can access your downloaded programs for a maximum of 30 days. In the case that content becomes unavailable due to rights restrictions, it may be returned from your device sooner, before the title availability window expires.

How many movies or shows can I download?
You can hold up to 10 downloaded programs on one device, provided the device has adequate storage capacity.

Can I move downloaded programs to another device and play them?
No, you can only play back a program on the authorized device that originally downloaded it.

What happens when a download is interrupted? Can I watch a movie or show while it's downloading? Or can I watcha movie or show that was partially downloaded?
You cannot watch a program until it has been downloaded completely. If there is an interruption (e.g., loss of power or connectivity), the download will automatically pause and you can resume the download when you re-launch the app.

Will downloading content over acellular network incur data charges?
Downloading content over a cellular network may incur data charges. Please check your wireless rate plan for details.
Note: You can watch downloaded content offline anywhere in the world as long as it is downloaded while in Canada.