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Connect and activate your receiver

Your receiver will require a connection to the satellite dish and a connection to the TV. If you need to activate your receiver, please call us at 1-888-554-7827 to complete activation before trying the following setup instruction.

Did you know?

For the connection to the satellite dish, RG6 coaxial cable is recommended. For the connection to the TV, HDMI provides the best audio and video quality in a single cable and should be used wherever possible.

How to connect your receiver

Your receiver requires a connection from the satellite dish, and a connection to the TV. Follow these steps to connect your receiver:

  1. Connect the coax cables from your satellite dish to the SAT IN port on your receiver, making sure the connection is secure.
    • Note, HDPVRs require 2 coax cable connections from your dish
  2. Connect the HDMI cable into the HDMI port on your receiver and the HDMI port on your TV.
    • You may also use the provided RCA or component cables, but HDMI is recommended for the best picture quality and sound.
  3. Ensure your TV is set to the same input that you connected the cable to (for example, HDMI1 versus HDMI2).
  4. Connect the power cord to the receiver and an electrical outlet, wait one minute.
  5. You will now see an on-screen message that says "You are not currently subscribed to this channel".

Note: If you see a message that says "Receiver has lost satellite signal", verify your connection to the SAT IN port before continuing.

How to activate your receiver

If this receiver was purchased from Shaw Direct, you can proceed with activation:

  1. Go to and login with your Shaw ID.
  2. Click on "Manage TV" on your left and scroll down to the "Activate Receiver" box.
  3. Click on the "Activate receiver" button and follow the steps.