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TV is showing blue or black screen

Learn how to troubleshoot the issue of your TV showing a blue or black screen. A blue or black screen on your TV usually indicates one of the following:

The TV or receiver is off

Verify that your TV and receiver are both turned on. Your Shaw Direct receiver will show a green or red light on the front panel depending on model. Some TVs display a light when they are off, while others display the light when they are on. This will vary by model of TV.

The receiver is on a channel that is displaying a black screen

  1. Try changing channels.
  2. If the screen is still black after trying couple different channels, press the ENTER/OK button on the Shaw Direct remote to see if program information pops up on the screen.
  3. If so, the TV is on the right input. Try changing the channel to verify video is available.
  4. If a different button than SAT glows when pressing remote keys, press the SAT button and try again.
    • If no buttons glow, replace the batteries in the remote.

Wrong channel or input

  1. Verify the connection between the receiver and TV.
    • Your TV has multiple connections (also known as inputs) and needs to be set to the one that is connected to your satellite receiver.
  2. The remote control that came with your TV will have a button to change inputs, typically labelled as INPUT or SOURCE.
  3. Press this button to cycle through the different inputs and select the one connected to your satellite receiver.

Cable or connection issue

  1. Ensure all the cable cords are securely connected.
  2. Try switching the cable with another set of the same cable type.
  3. Try a different cable connection.

Receiver malfunction

  1. Verify that the satellite receiver appears to be functioning normally.
  2. If the lights on the receiver are flashing on and off, or there are unusual patterns being shown on the front panel display, this would indicate a receiver problem and also cause a blue or black screen since the receiver is not outputting any video to the television.