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logo nhl_centre_ice

NHL Centre Ice - Lump Sum

NHL Centre Ice is the subscription television package that delivers regular season out-of-market NHL games. It’s the ultimate hockey package for the ultimate fan!
$ 55
WWE network

WWE Network

Catch every WWE Superstar, Diva and Legend and all the ringside action you need, with live events, original series, including: Legends House, WWE Countdown and the Monday Night War and 12 Pay-Per-View titles included with your subscription, including: SummerSlam, WrestleMania and Royal Rumble.
$ 15
00 /MO
beIN Sports - The finest programming from the world of sports

beIN Sports

beIN SPORTS is an English channel that brings to the passionate fan live games that can’t be seen on any other channel, as well as news and analysis of the top leagues around the world. From American, European and Latin American live games to general sports news and in-depth analysis, beIN SPORTS guarantees front-row access to top leagues and major sports properties on TV
$ 16
00 /MO
logo sportsnet_world
logo sportsnet_world_hd

Sportsnet World

Canada's premier international sports network offering unrivaled access to the best European football, international rugby and much more—24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
$ 18
00 /MO
logo rds_info

RDS Info

This French-language sports network is updated every 15 minutes with the latest breaking stories from Canada and around the world.
$ 5
00 /MO
logo leafs_tv

Leafs Nation Network

Designed for the next generation of Leafs fans and feeding the passions of all Leafs fans, Leafs Nation Network delivers more diverse content, coverage, access, analysis and entertainment.
$ 6
00 /MO