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Learn how to customize your guide with these tips covering everything from changing the guide colour to enlarging the font size. Guide settings can easily be set from User Settings in the "Options" menu.

How to customize your guide

The Guide interface on your set-top box can be fine-tuned for the way you use the guide. With the information presented below, the appearance and contents of the guide can be customized to suit your preferences.

Press "OPTIONS" on your remote, select "Preferences" and expand "User Settings & Appearance".

  • Unsubscribed Channels [Show/Hide]: You are able to choose whether channels you are not subscribed to will appear in your Guide, be displayed as greyed-out, or if you'd prefer them to be completely hidden from view.
  • Show Channels by Language [All/English/French] (8xx set-top boxes only) : Choose if you want to guide to display all channels, only English speaking ones or only French speaking ones.
  • Edit channel list: Add or remove channels from the list of channels you browse in your on-screen Guide. Channels that have been removed are still accessible by directly tuning to the specific channel number
  • Guide Rows & Font Size [8-Row Small/6-Row Medium/6-Row Large]: Adjust the number of rows in the Guide and the overall on-screen font size. The font shown when making a selection is a preview of the new sizing.
  • Guide Width [Half-Screen/Full-Screen]: Select the default layout when you press GUIDE. While in the Guide, you can press GUIDE again to toggle to the next view.
  • Program Colouring [Full Colour/Text only/Subtle]: Set the colour style for program genres in your Guide. When making a selection, each option offers a preview of the choice.

Note: When operating in multi-user mode, each user profile is able to use its own unique combination of the above settings.