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Learn how to connect to Shaw Direct Video On Demand, which requires a high-speed Internet connection and a 6XX or 8XX satellite set-top box, and VOD must not have been disabled on your account. You can connect your set-top box to your high-speed Internet directly or through your home router, with an Ethernet cable, or by using a powerline bridge. 8XX set-top boxes are also able to connect wirelessly through your home WiFi network.

How to connect your 8XX set-top box via WiFi

HDDSR 800 and HDPVR 830 are able to connect to your home WiFi network. To connect:

  1. Press "OPTIONS" and select "WiFi Setup".
  2. Highlight your WiFi SSID and press "ENTER".
  3. Using either the arrow or number keys (for example, pressing "2" three times will enter 'c'), key in your WiFi password.

How to connect your set-top box to a home router

You will need the following:

  • Home router - Allows for multiple computers and devices to connect to your Internet. You need at least one free Ethernet port on your router for a connection to your Shaw Direct satellite set-top box.
  • Shaw Direct 6XX or 8XX set-top box - HDDSR 600, HDDSR 605, or HDPVR 630, and HDDSR 800 or HDPVR 830, are all equipped to access Shaw Direct On Demand.
  • High-speed Internet - Your Internet connection must be capable of connecting to our servers at a minimum of 1.75 Mbps downstream for standard definition (SD) titles and 5.0 Mbps for high definition (HD) titles.
  • Ethernet cable - Also known as a Network cable, Cat5e cable, or Cat6 cable, an Ethernet cable may have been included in your Shaw Direct set-top box, or you can pick one up from an electronics or office supply store.

To connect:

  1. Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into a free port on your home router or an Ethernet wall jack.
  2. Plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on the back of your satellite set-top box.
  3. Proceed to the "Verify Your Connection" steps below.

    How to connect using a powerline bridge

    Powerline bridges allow you to connect your satellite set-top box to your home router when you are unable to run a direct line (for example, when your router is not in the same room as your set-top box). In addition to the requirements above, you will need:

    • Two identical powerline bridge plugs (minimum 200 Mbps). (Avoid using powerline bridges with different speed ratings.)
    • Two free power outlets at either end of the connection.

    Note: Do not plug powerline bridges into power bars, surge protectors, or any other intermediary device. They need a direct connection into the wall outlet to communicate.

    To connect:

    1. Plug in both powerline bridges; one will need to be close to your Shaw Direct satellite set-top box and one will need to be close to your home router.
    2. Connect an Ethernet cable between your home router and the powerline bridge in that location.
    3. Connect an Ethernet cable between your set-top box the powerline bridge in that location.

    Note: You can add additional powerline bridge plugs to connect additional satellite set-top boxes or other devices.

      How to verify your connection to Shaw Direct On Demand

      To verify your connection:

      1. Press "OPTIONS 4, 6" (Network Status).
      2. "Link status", "Home network status", "Internet connectivity status", and "SOD server status" must ALL be "Online".

      If one (or more) is "Not Available", double check all of your connections. The connection lights on your router or powerline bridge plug should indicate an active connection. Once you've checked your connections, exit and re-enter the "Network" menu.

      If any status continues to be "Not Available", press "B" to perform a DHCP refresh. If this doesn’t cause any change you may need to restart your satellite set-top box. Remove and reconnect the power cord from the back of the set-top box, then check the "Network" status when the set-top box has restarted.

      If you are still experiencing connection issues, you can verify the connection by hooking up a laptop or other device to the network cable.

      If all statuses show “Online”, test your connection speed to Shaw Direct On Demand to see what video quality is available on your connection.

      1. Press "OPTIONS 4, 6" (Network Status).
      2. Press "A" to perform a speed test.

      When the speed test is complete, the results will be displayed as shown below:

      • "Sufficient for SD – Yes" indicates that your Internet connection will allow you to order standard definition (SD) content.
      • "Sufficient for HD – Yes" indicates that your Internet connection will allow you to order high definition (HD) and SD content.
      • "Sufficient for SD - No" indicates your Internet connection will not allow you to order any content.
      • "Sufficient for HD - No" indicates your Internet connection will not allow you to order HD content.

      Results of the connection speed test are recorded on the set-top box and form your historic average speed, historic minimum speed, and historic maximum speed values.

      How to manage your bandwidth

      If you are concerned about the amount of data Shaw Direct On Demand will use, you can set a limit on the maximum download rate when streaming content. Please note that lowering the maximum bandwidth rate may also lower the picture quality.

      To set a maximum:

      1. Press "OPTIONS" on your remote and then select "Preferences".
      2. Scroll down and expand "Network Settings".
      3. Use the "LEFT" and "RIGHT" arrows to select the maximum rate.

      Note: HD VOD titles require at least 5.0 Mbps to stream. Settings lower than this will be temporarily overridden to "5 Mbps" when HD content is ordered.

      Maximum Download Rate
      Good Enough for...Maximum Usage
      8 MbpsHD / SD 3.52 GB/h
      7 MbpsHD / SD 3.08 GB/h
      6 MbpsHD / SD 2.64 GB/h
      5 MbpsHD / SD 2.20 GB/h
      4 MbpsSD 1.76 GB/h
      3 MbpsSD 1.32 GB/h
      2 MbpsSD 0.88 GB/h