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Your Shaw Direct set-top box has two different modes for enabling parental controls - single user mode and multi-user mode. To switch between single and multi-user mode, press "OPTIONS" on your remote, select "Parental Controls" and press "A".

Single user Mode

Single user mode applies a single set of restrictions for unlocking programs on an ad-hoc basis, regardless of who is currently using the set-top box. Single user mode offers the ability to restrict based on the following information:

  • Ratings locks
  • Access to adult content
  • Shaw Direct On Demand restrictions
  • Accessibility and language settings
  • Customized channel list within the Guide
  • On-screen font size
  • Guide preferences

If you think that different users of your household may benefit by having varying settings, we recommend using multi-user mode.

Note: You may switch between modes whenever you like. If set, a PIN will be required to make this change.

Multi user mode

Multi-user mode is a profile-based system, where up to 8 unique profiles can be created for different members of your household, each with their own preferences applied at login.

Each profile can have its own restrictions, including rating locks and purchase limits. With multi-user mode, you can only unlock programs by switching to a profile with less restrictive settings, you cannot unlock on a program-by-program demand basis.

  • The current profile can be changed at any time by pressing FAV on your remote
  • Each profile can have its own unique PIN
  • For your convenience, there are varying default settings for different profile types (Child versus Teen for example)
  • User profiles can be copied to a USB key and applied to multiple set-top boxes

Note: Multi-user mode is activated by default on your set-top box. For users without the need for profiles, the default experience effectively makes profiles invisible as full access is granted to the system with no restrictions.
Parental restrictions that can be customized for each user profile include:

  • Ratings locks
  • Access to Adult content
  • Ability to order Free VOD orders
  • Daily VOD purchase limit ($ value)
  • Auto-Logout duration
  • PVR Permissions (ability to schedule new recordings, delete existing recordings, etc.)

Preferences that can be customized for each user profile include:

  • Onscreen language
  • Closed captions display and settings
  • Descriptive video
  • Customized channel list
  • Font size and Guide program colouring style
  • Unsubscribed channels in Guide (Show or Hide)
  • Caller ID notifications (if available)
  • Automatic prompt to delete recordings