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My channel line-up type and channel listing (Classic and Advanced)

Learn which Shaw Direct channels are in your channel line-up. Your channel line-up determines which number you enter to access your channels, and how those channels are organized in your on-screen Guide.

What are Classic and Advanced channel line-ups?

Classic channel line-up:

  • Channel numbers range from 001 into the 900s.
  • All Shaw Direct customers who signed up prior to September 14, 2009 or after June 1, 2013 will see this channel line-up.
  • HD channels can be found starting at channel 001.
  • Standard definition (SD) channels are grouped with local channels in the 300s.
  • Sports in the 400s.
  • Specialty channels in the 500s.
  • Movies in the 600s.
  • French stations in the 700s.
  • Radio in the 800s.
  • Stingray digital music in the 900s.
  • PPV starting at 950.

Advanced channel line-up:

  • SD channels are grouped with local channels followed by sports, specialty, and movie stations through the 200s.
  • French HD and premium HD sports packages can be found starting at 380.
  • The HD channel line-up runs from 500 to the 650s.
  • The rest of the channel line-up is the same as the Classic line-up – French stations in the 700s, radio and music in the 800s and 900s, and PPV starting at 950.

Which channel lineup(s) do you have?

A quick way to see which Shaw Direct channel list you have is to:

  1. Press the "GUIDE" button on the remote control.
  2. Enter channel 091.
    • If it says this channel is “NAT HD” (National Geographic HD), you have the Classic channel line-up.
    • If it says this channel is “PBSSPO” (PBS Spokane), you have the Advanced channel line-up.