Satellite TV Rate Changes - Starting April 1, 2020

Starting April 1, 2020, rates for select Shaw Direct TV services will be increasing. Click here to learn more.

The FYI Channel to cease broadcast

This decision was made by A & E Networks. This channel will be removed from all lineups across the country and will not be replaced at this time. If you are currently subscribed to this channel through pick and pay or a theme pack and have questions, you can contact us to review your options.

CosmopolitanTV & Independent Film Channel to cease broadcast:

On September 30, 2019, Cosmo TV and IFC will cease broadcasting in Canada for both Shaw Cable and Shaw Direct. The termination decision was made by Corus Entertainment. The two channels will be removed from all lineups across the country. There will be no replacement channel. If you’re currently subscribed to these channels through a pick-pack, we encourage you to contact our customer service agents at to review your options. Click here to learnmore.

Satellite TV channel line-up changes - Starting August 15, 2019

Starting August 15, 2019, channel line-up changes will take place in select Satellite TV plans. Click here to learn more.

A Canada post labour disruption could happen as early as October 22, 2018.

This disruption could affect the delivery of your paper bill. Click here to learn more.

Shaw Business - Potential Canada Post labour disruption - 2018

This disruption could affect the delivery of your paper bill. Click here to learn more.

Network upgrade

We want you to enjoy high-definition at its best, so we’re making major upgrades to our network. Click here for more information.

We're retiring online streaming on

Great news! The streaming services you love on, plus a whole lot extra, are available on your desktop or laptop computer at and on mobile with the Shaw FreeRange TV App. We want you to have the best TV viewing experience. With up to 80 live TV channels available to stream and a wide selection of on-demand titles to watch all available on online or on your App, FreeRange TV offers a wider range of content with better functionality across multiple devices. It is easier than ever to stream your favorite TV shows and movies, click here to find out more about FreeRange TV.

Restoring service on an older model Shaw Direct receiver

If you have an older-model satellite receiver that is stuck on a channel, please review our Service Bulletin for instructions on how to resolve this issue.