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The Shaw Direct Ignite TV app is available on Amazon Fire TV devices and Fire Tablets, including the same great features you get with the Ignite TV mobile app. This article explains how to install and access the Ignite TV app on your Fire TV device.


To use the Ignite TV app on Fire TV, you must have a Shaw Direct subscription and an Amazon Fire TV branded streaming device.

  • Supported Fire TV devices include Smart TVs running Fire OS 5 and above, and Fire Tablets.
  • Requires a Shaw ID to log in to the app on Fire TV.

How to access the Ignite TV app

Watching Ignite TV from your Fire TV device can be done in a few easy steps. Follow the guide below to install and login to the Ignite TV app on Fire TV.

Install the app

  • Select Apps from the main menu on Fire TV.
  • Navigate through Featured or Categories to find the Shaw Ignite TV app.
  • Select Get or Download to install the Ignite TV app. The Ignite TV app will download and install on your Fire TV device.

Amazon Fire Tv

Activate and login

  • Launch the Ignite TV app from your Fire TV home screen.
  • Select Get Started. A 6-digit accesscode will pop up with instructions on how to activate your account and login.

fire tv 2

The code above is an example—use the code shown on your FireTV device.

  • In a web browser, go to
  • Login with your Shaw ID email and password.
  • Enter the 6-digit code shown on your TV or tablet and click Activate.

    fire tv 3

  • You're all set to watch Ignite TV on your Fire TV device!

Using the app

You can navigate the Ignite TV app on Fire TV the same way you would on your mobile device or computer, and it includes most of the same features.

See our Ignite TV app help articles to learn more.

Note: The Ignite TV app on Fire TV does not support Download-to-go or in-app purchases.


If you're having trouble launching or logging in to the app, be sure you've followed the installation steps above and that you're using a valid Shaw ID to log in.

For technical issues or help with using Amazon Fire TV, please visit Fire TV Support.