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How to record with your PVR

New to using your HDPVR? Here are some quick and easy ways to use your PVR to record your favorite shows and movies. Learn how to use our smart recording feature, set a single program recording or series recording so that you can enjoy your favorite shows and never miss an episode.

    Smart recording events

    When scheduling, the PVR starts at the highest priority event and works down to the lowest priority event. “Smart”recording events can shift in the event of a conflict, whereas "Impulse" (One-time), PPV and auto-tune events cannot. All recording events will always honour the criteria you’ve specified, even if it creates additional conflicts or prevents things from being recorded.

    A Smart recording event looks for the earliest airing that meets the event criteria. In the event of a change to the recording schedule, it will automatically adjust to attempt to record as much as possible, according to your parameters.

    Maximizing your experience with Smart PVR technology

    By setting Smart Recording Events, your PVR has maximum flexibility and will work to record as much as possible, subject to the parameters you have set for each Recording Event. For example, if allowed by the “Channels” setting, your PVR can automatically switch to a later airing on a timeshift channel to capture as many programs as possible. By customizing each Event and confirming the outcome in PVR Upcoming, you can ensure that exactly what you expect will always be waiting for you in the PVR List

    The table below explains how Smart PVR Technology works and how to use it to make the most of your recording schedule. When set correctly, the HDPVR630 has the flexibility to "Shuffle" (or adjust) your recording schedule in order to ensure everything you want gets recorded. Only "Smart" Recording Events can shift, as explained below:

    Recording Events

    When you request a series, program or movie to be recorded, a “Recording Event” is created. Recording Events are managed in the PVR/Options menu. The HDPVR630 supports the following types of Recording Events:


    Impulse recording

    1. Press the red RECORD button at the top right of the remote control
    2. A new screen will appear with “Do you want to record this program”
    3. Use your right arrow key on your remote control and highlight yes and press ENTER.
    4. The recording screen will disappear and you will see a pop up in the top right hand corner that says “Started recording”

    Note: If you have Live On Disk (LOD) enabled on your receiver, the entire program from the time you tuned in will be saved. LOD is enabled by default.

    Set future or series recording

    1. In your guide or via search, highlight and press ENTER on the future program you wish to record.
    2. The options will vary depending on whether you’ve selected part of a series or an individual program such as a movie.
      • Smart record – selecting these options allows the receiver to reschedule recording events if they get pre-empted by other recordings or adjusted by the broadcaster.
      • Record this airing – this will record the program at the time selected unless it gets pre-empted by something of higher priority.
      • Automatically tune – this option will cause the receiver to tune to the airing but not record it.
    3. You will see a scheduling bar at the bottom of the screen and a grey circle icon will appear on the program once it has been scheduled. Information about the status of the recording will be displayed above the program description.

    Frequently asked questions

    How do I cancel the recording?

    Once a recording has been scheduled you have 2 different options to cancel the recording.

    • Press enter on the selected program in the guide and choose“Do not record”
    • In Recording Options choose the recording you with to change or cancel. To access the Recording Options screen, press MENU on your remote, select "PVR" and go into "PVR Options".

    How do I know my show is recording?

    There are a few ways to verify that your show is recording:

    • If you have an HDPVR 630, there will be a red “REC” light illuminated on the front panel of the receiver (2 if you are recording 2 programs)
    • In the guide or while tuned you will see the red recording icon beside the show.
    • You can press PVR on the remote to view your PVR List. When sorted by the default, recordings currently in progress will appear at the top of the list.