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Problem with black box on screen

Learn how to troubleshoot TV issues, including fixing when a black box is appearing on the screen and is preventing you from viewing the program or on-screen guide.

Black box on screen issue

Do you see a black box on top of your programs and on-screen Guide?

In most cases, this is caused by an incorrect closed captioning (CC) feed enabled on your TV. The black box is intended to contain closed captioning text, which can appear blank on certain channels.

To disable this box:

  • Find the CC button on the remote that came with your TV (this is not your Shaw Direct remote)
  • This should change the CC mode on your TV
  • Keep pressing it until CC is turned off

Note: If you do not have a CC button on your TV remote control, look through your TV's settings, or please consult your TV user manual or TV manufacturer for more information on turning off closed captions.