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Learn how to use the PVR List feature to access your recorded programs in one convenient location. From the PVR List you can manage your list of recordings and have the option of deleting recordings to free up space on your PVR.

Using the PVR List feature

To access your list press PVR on your remote control, or select “PVR List” from the PVR section of the Menu Bar.

  1. Within the PVR List, use the "UP" or "DOWN" arrow keys to select the program you want to watch.
  2. Press "ENTER" to see the Recording Options menu, where the following options are available:

Watch This Recording: Selecting this option will start playback of the selected program. If you have already watched part of this recording, you will be given the option to “Resume playback” from where you last stopped, or “Restart playback” from the beginning of the recording.

Protect This Recording: Pressing "ENTER" will protect this recording from being automatically deleted if the hard drive is full. The only way to remove this program from your PVR once it is protected is to manually delete it. Recurring recordings set to “Keep Until: I delete it” will automatically be protected.

Delete this Recording: This will delete the selected program from the PVR List. You will be asked to confirm your selection.

  • Multi-delete feature allows you to choose multiple recordings instead of having to delete recording one at a time.

Edit recording/reminder options: This option will only be available for series recordings and will allow you to edit the recording setting for the series.

Once you have watched a recording, it will be marked with a check mark to indicate it’s been previously viewed. The triangle under the program name shows your progress.

  • If you have connected an external hard drive to your HDPVR, and that drive has since been disconnected, any recordings stored there will be marked grey in the PVR List. Once you reconnect the external hard drive and reboot the receiver, they will appear coloured again.
  • You can use the "LEFT" or "RIGHT" arrow keys as well as the "A" button to sort recordings in your PVR List. The current sort criteria is highlighted in blue, or stated at the top of the screen.

Date and Time: All recordings are sorted chronologically by the date it was recorded on. The newest recordings appear at the top of the list.

Program Name (Alphabetical): All recordings are sorted alphabetically, with “A” at the top.

Grouped by Program: Episodes are grouped by program name. Selecting a grouping will display all episodes available in that group. If only 1 episode is available, the Recording Options menu will be displayed.

By Unwatched: Episodes you haven’t watched yet will be displayed at the top of your PVR List, then sorted alphabetically.

  • When your PVR List is grouped by program, you can press "C" to delete all episodes for that series.