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Your HDPVR may miss recordings for different reasons, varying from scheduling issues to a technical issue. Learn how to fix issues around missing recorded programs with this troubleshooting guide.

There are a number of reasons why recordings may be missed, including issues with:

Recording conflict

A recording conflict happens when the number of requested recordings exceeds the available tuners on the set-top box. HDPVRs can record a maximum of two programs simultaneously, or only one if you're operating in Single Tuner Mode (you have only one coax cable coming from your dish).

With Smart Recording, your HDPVR will attempt to reschedule any conflicts, when another airing that meets your set parameters is available. To ensure maximum flexibility, we recommend leaving the default recording options when setting a new recording event.

Upcoming recording conflicts will be displayed in the PVR Upcoming screen:

  • Press "MENU" on your remote, navigate to PVR and select PVR Upcoming.
  • Press "B" on your remote to show or hide conflicts
  • Conflicts will be highlighted in orange.
  • Press "C" to View Upcoming Air dates on a program that will not be recorded due to a conflict.
  • Select a different recording date, which should immediately be reflected in PVR Upcoming.

Note: Some programs run past traditional end times, such as a show that airs from 9 - 10:01 pm. This could cause a conflict if you have two programs set to record at 10 pm.

Incorrect guide information

Most programs have detailed episodic data, specific to that particular episode of that show, which flags the HDPVR to record it as a new airing. However, sometimes these details may be missing, which can cause your HDPVR to skip the recording.

The workaround to this scenario is to set a recording for "All episodes" but on "Ch. X only" (1 single channel only)

    Hard drive related issues

    Is your hard drive full?
    If you have protected all of your recordings, preventing the HDPVR from clearing needed space, a mail message will be delivered to your set-top box to advise you.

    Hard drive failure
    Hard drives do have a limited life span. If your PVR list is suddenly empty, your hard drive may be failing. This is usually accompanied by a mail message explaining the issue. Please call technical support for assistance.

    Note: You are able to turn your HDPVR off when not in use, which may lengthen the lifespan on your hard drive.

    Mail messages can be checked by pressing MENU on your remote and selecting "Messages".

      Signal level

      Signal strength can vary by channel - to find out if your program wasn't recorded due to signal issues, tune to the channel that it would have been recorded from to check the current levels in System Status:

      1. Press "OPTIONS", "4", "7" (System Status).
      2. The channel number will show up in parenthesis on either Line C or Line E, along with the current signal.
      3. If your ecb/no is under 7, please call technical support for assistance.


      In some cases, you may be not subscribed to a specific channel. If you tune to the channel that the recording was set to record from, and you're presented with an on-screen error it may be a result of not being subscribed to the channel. In other cases, getting an error message when tuning to a channel in your package, may be an indication that you may be experiencing an authorization issue.

      To diagnose this issues, see My set-top box says not authorized or not subscribed for more information.