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Learn how to browse pay-per-view events and programs based on your satellite set-top box type. Pay-per-view browsing experience varies per set-top box generation. Select your Shaw Direct set-top box type to learn how to browse PPV listings.

Current-generation set-top boxes

To browse Shaw Direct pay per view programs with our current generation of satellite set-top boxes follow these steps:

  1. Press MENU
  2. Select the “Pay Per View (PPV)” icon to bring up the PPV menu bar.
  3. Select “PPV Search” This will display all pay-per-view movies with the movie’s poster for a more visual experience than browsing through the Guide.

    PPV Browsing

To easily browse the currently airing and upcoming pay-per-view Movies, follow these steps.

  • Similar to the other search screens, use the "UP" and "DOWN" arrow buttons to first select a genre you may be interested in, or leave your selection on “All Genres” to view all upcoming movies.
  • Press the "LEFT" arrow button to scroll through the movie posters on the left. Your currently highlighted selection will be brighter and display a border around the edge of the poster.
    • The information for your currently highlighted movie will display in the Info Window on the right hand side. Here, you will find similar information you would find on regular programming, in addition to the specific program’s ordering instructions.
    • This ordering information applies only to the airing date/time shown at the bottom of the poster.
  • Press "C" on your remote to View Upcoming Airings for the movie you have highlighted. You can also use the "B" button on your remote to change how your pay-per-view search results are sorted. You are able to sort by airing date/time or alphabetically by title.

After you’ve called the 1-866 number and ordered your title, confirmation will be provided onscreen and the title will be in the Purchase History menu.

Browsing the Guide for PPV events

To browse pay-per-view events using the Guide, follow these steps:

  1. Press "GUIDE" on the Remote
    • Go to channel 960 for PPV.
  2. Find a Pay Per View title
    • Using the "UP/DOWN" arrows to browse titles.

    • ppv-now-guide