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Pick and Pay allows Shaw Direct customers to have more choice and flexibility when it comes to channel selection and packaging of their satellite TV services.

What is Pick and Pay?

Looking to order individual channels for your viewing pleasure? As a Shaw Direct customer with Pick and Pay you can subscribe to additional channels on a Pick and Pay basis in addition to channels that you do not have as part of your chosen TV package. It’s the easiest way to order individual channels with Shaw Direct. With Pick and Pay you can:

  • Order a specific channel without having to buy an entire theme pack
  • Save money by ordering the channel or channels that you love to watch
  • Enhance your TV programming experience by adding a channel that may not be part of your TV programming package

How to order individual channels

Follow these steps to order individual channels and add them to your Shaw Direct channels.

  1. On, click on “Channels” under “Programming” from the top navigation.


  1. Click on “Learn more” under Pick and Pay:


  1. Click on “Order now


  1. Select a category under the dropdown that says “All Theme Packs” (note: this view will only show if “existing customer” is selected. New customers will be prompted to select a TV plan.)


  1. Click on “Individual Channels”:


  1. Add channels you’d like to your cart by clicking on “Add” under each channel.


Pick and Pay FAQs

Browse our Frequently Asked Question for more information about ordering individual channels on Shaw Direct.

Do I need to change my existing Shaw Direct package in order to add pick-and-pay channels?

No all pre-existing packaging have been maintained and there is no need for current Shaw Direct customers to make any changes to their current subscription.

Do I need a Shaw Direct TV plan to order individual channels?

Yes, Pick and Pay is meant as a way for Shaw Direct customers to order individual channels in addition to their existing Shaw Direct channel packages.
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What channels are available with Pick and Pay?

We offer a number of channels as part of our Pick and Pay offerings. Visit our programming > channels page for a list of channels available as part of the Shaw Direct Pick and Pay channel options.

How much do individual channels cost?

Most specialty channels offered by Shaw Direct are available for either $5 or $7 per month (prices are subject to change).

Why are some Pick and Pay channels more expensive than others?

  • Channel costs are determined by the negotiated rate with the provider, which is different on a channel-by-channel basis.
  • Shaw Direct is committed to offering our customers the most choice possible while staying within the regulatory framework and parameters set by content owners.

Why are some channels more expensive individually than when offered in a bundle?

  • For the most part, broadcasters usually prefer for their channels to be bundled with other channels because it makes them available in more homes and which allows them to sell advertising time at a higher rate.
  • As such, the rates that are negotiated between the broadcaster and distributor generally incentivize bundled availability.