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There may be instances when you occur additional charges on your bill. Looking to understand the various fees on your Shaw Direct bill? Learn about the different types of fees you may see on your Shaw Direct bill.

Pay-per-view and programming

Charges for the programming package you subscribe to are listed under the heading "Current monthly services".
Pay-Per-View (PPV) and Shaw Direct On Demand (VOD) charges will appear on your next invoice. You will see the program title and the date the title was ordered. For your privacy, any Adult titles ordered will be discreetly billed with no title displayed.

If you chose to order your PPV title through a live Customer Advisor, you will be charged a $3 ordering fee on top of the movie or event charge. This will show up on your invoice as "Pay Per View Order". To avoid additional ordering fees, call our automated self-serve PPV ordering hotline at 1-866-782-7778.

Invoice Fees - VOD-PPV

Multi-Receiver fee

If you have two or more set-top boxes active on your account, you will be subject to the MRF at $5.99 plus tax per month. As an added bonus with this fee, we provide a limited lifetime warranty on all active receivers.

This limited lifetime warranty covers all parts and labour if your set-top box becomes defective. You pay only the shipping and handling to have it repaired or replaced with a new or refurbished unit of equal or greater value (remotes are excluded).

Certain English or Bilingual programming packages have this fee included, so upgrading presents a recommended increase in value.

Invoice Fees - MRF

Single receiver fee

If you have only one set-top box and want to take advantage of the limited lifetime warranty that comes with the MRF listed above, the single set-top box fee is $2.49 plus tax per month.

Invoice Fees - SRF

Seasonal Breaks

If you are going on holidays or need to pause your Shaw Direct services for more than two weeks but less than 6 months - you are able to temporarily suspend and reconnect your account at no charge.

  • Seasonal break for more than 180 days is subject to $30 reconnection fee.
  • Second Home accounts are exempted from $30 reconnection fee.

For more information on eligibility see Seasonal Break eligibility.

Late payment fees

Past due balances are subject to a late payment fee - 2% of the overdue balance will be charged when your account becomes 30 days past due. You will see these fees on your third invoice, 60 days after the original balance was due.
Accounts that become more than 60 days past due will be charged a $20 processing fee, in addition to the 2% late payment fee.

To ensure your account does not become past due and subject to the associated fees, you can learn more about the various account payment methods.