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If you need to return Shaw Direct equipment, you can do it via Canada Post.

What equipment should be returned?

Set-Top Boxes

  • Check the model number at the bottom left of the set-top boxes in your home.
  • Only HDDSR 800 and HDPVR 830 set-top boxes should be returned to Shaw Direct.
  • All other models can be recycled. This includes HDDSR 600, HDDSR 605, and HDPVR 630 models.
  • All defective accessories can be recycled. For example: remote controls, old cables, tri-pod, etc.

How to return Shaw Direct equipment via Canada Post

To return your equipment via Canada Post:

  1. Package the equipment securely in a box.
  2. Note down the policy number: PR365917
  3. Drop off the parcel at any post office; provide the policy number.
  4. Confirm with Canada Post the return address is:
  5. Canada Post will take care of the rest.

Recycling Equipment

To recycle equipment that should not be returned to Shaw Direct, visit to find a local drop off location.