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From error message to refresh, learn how to troubleshoot issues with your satellite equipment with Shaw Direct’s satellite set-top box frequently asked questions.

Satellite set-top box FAQs

Why is my set-top box not starting up?

There are various issues if your Shaw Direct satellite set-top box will not boot up. This could be a result of a power issue, a front panel error or other issues. To troubleshoot, unplug the set-top box's power cord from the back of the set-top box or unplug from the wall. Wait 30 seconds and then plug the set-top box back in. Visit How to troubleshoot when my set-top box will not boot up.

How do I refresh my satellite set-top box?

There are two ways that you can refresh your set-top box. Either through or via our phone line using the self-serve options. Additional details can be found in How to refresh your set-top box.

Why is my set-top box changing channels on its own?

If your channels are changing on their own, the set-top box is probably being affected by UHF interference. This could even be a result of a neighbor's remote communicating with your set-top box . Troubleshooting this issue may vary by your set-top box and your remote. Learn more at My set-top box changed channels itself.

Why is the picture on my set-top box flickering on and off?

If your picture is cutting in and out, this may be an indication that you are experiencing an intermittent TV signal. This could be a result of weather conditions, impediment/obstruction of your satellite dish or equipment issues. Learn more: Troubleshooting tips for intermittent satellite signal.

Why is the time on my set-top box wrong?

The time on your set-top box is automatically set via the network. You don’t have to manually adjust it. However, sometimes one of your set-top box might display the incorrect time on the front panel or in the guide. To fix this issue, it is recommended that you refresh your set-top box. For additional tips on setting the time on your set-top box visit this article.

Why am I getting error messages on my screen?

Error messages may appear for a number of reasons. Error messages can vary from seeing the “Acquiring Satellite Signal. Please wait.” message or seeing "A subscription is required to view this program. Please contact Customer Service to subscribe, or select a different channel." Error messages may appear due to cabling/connection issues, equipment issues, or subscription-related issues. View Troubleshooting on-screen error messages.

Why is my guide not displaying my channels?

A set-top box requires two things to display a channel: authorization and signal. In some cases, if you are not subscribed to a channel it will not show up. In some instances, an authorized channel signal may not be coming in. If you experience a signal message on some channels but not others, try unplugging the power on the set-top box for 60 seconds. View our Troubleshooting guide to missing satellite channels.