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Have questions about your Shaw Direct bill? We’ve got answers. Browse our Frequently Asked Questions and learn about everything from how to access your Shaw Direct bill, payment options and how to set up your eBill.

Billing FAQs

Browse our FAQs to learn more about your Shaw Direct bill.

How do I get my Shaw Direct bill?

You can sign into your My Shaw Direct account by clicking here or if you do not have an account visit to create one! If you have not signed up for eBill (invoices by email), you will get a paper invoice by mail. You can sign up for eBilling at anytime to help protect our environment and ensure you get your bills on time every month.

Can I use My Shaw Direct to view my current bill?

Yes, once you've signed into your My Shaw Direct account you can view your current bill as well as bills over the last 24 months by clicking on View My Bill (highlighted in yellow on the image below).


How do I view my past bills?

You are able to View up to the last 24 months of bills once you are signed into My Shaw Direct. You can view previous bills by signing into your account and clicking on My Bills.

How do I receive my bill through email?

You can sign up for e-billing online by signing into your Shaw Direct account and clicking "My Bills" on the left-hand side.

When is my bill due?

Bills are due according to when the account was set up. If you sign into your account click on view your bill and you will be able to see exactly when your bill is due. If you do not have an account you can click here to create one or visit to get started.

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Why is my bill higher than last month's?

If you paid your bill after the due date, or have ordered pay-per-view (PPV) event or video on demand (VOD), a balance may be carried forward.

When does my Shaw Direct bill get sent out?

Your Shaw Direct bill will show an invoice date and that is the date the bill is sent out. This is based on your billing cycle in conjunction with when your services started. Please refer to your bill for your billing date.

I paid my bill why is there still a balance showing from the previous month?

If you paid your bill after the due date, ordered VOD or an Event/PPV there may be extra fees for these services and as a result there may be a balance carried forward (depending on when your bill was paid or when additional services were ordered).

What if I get behind on my payments? Can I get a payment extension?

We understand that our customer's financial conditions may change. A payment extension may be available to those in need who qualify for an extension. Please contact us directly at to review available payment arrangement options.

How does my billing work if I pause my Shaw Direct services via seasonal break?

Your billing will be adjusted for the time period that your account has been seasonally paused/suspended. If this pause occurred in the middle of a billing period, you may have a partial amount to pay, which should be settled at the time of pause/suspension of your services.