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Learn more about your Shaw Direct bill with our bill explainer. The bill explainer breaks down the various sections of your Shaw Direct bill and illustrates where you can find important information such as amount due, due date and payment options.

Note :

  • As of February 1, 2024, Shaw Satellite G.P. will become Shaw Satellite Services Inc.
  • Updated HST/GST/QST numbers will be available on the invoice as of February 1st, 2024
  • The Payee Name for Online banking and Credit card will remain the same.

How to check account balance and bill online

Shaw Direct Bill explainer

Here is an explanation of your Shaw Direct bill. This bill explainer includes the various components of your bill including your invoice date, summary of charges and your total amount due.

AA Bill En

  1. When is my Bill due?
    Here you'll find the due date of your current bill.
  2. What are the charges of my Shaw Direct service?
    Charges for your services are summarized here along with previous charges, payments and any promotional discounts. You'll also see a breakdown of applicable taxes and fees.
  3. How do I contact Shaw Direct?
    Here you'll find our phone number for any assistance required as well as our website. Here you'll find our phone number for any assistance required as well as our website.
  4. How much do I owe?
    Here you'll find the amount due, which includes your current service charges and any previous balance carried forward.
  5. Which Shaw Direct services have I used?
    Here you'll find a detailed breakdown of all your Shaw Direct services, charges and discounts.
  6. How or where do I pay my bill?
    Here you will find the various options of payment available to you.

About Prorated and Partial Charges

If you have received a bill that is different than your regular monthly invoice, it may be due to a pro-rated charge added to your bill. Proration is done when you add new programming to your subscription in the middle of your billing cycle.


Your billing cycle starts on the 1st of each month. You added an $8 bundle on the 20th of the month. In this case, we will charge you for the 10 remaining days in your billing cycle.

Your prorated charges will be calculated as:
$8 รท 30 (days in a month) = $0.266 (charge per day)
$0.266 x 10 days = $2.66 (prorated charge)

This means you will see a prorated charge of $2.66 on your bill.Details of these charges can be found on Page 2 of your invoice.

Shaw Direct Billing FAQs

I did not add any new programming this month, but my bill still shows extra charges.

If you have not added any new programming but still see a prorated charge in your invoice, please look for other account changes like:

  • Reconnection from Seasonal break.
  • Equipment purchases
  • Installation of new equipment.

I added a new channel, but my current bill is not reflecting that.

If your invoice was printed before you made those changes, the charges and proration will be reflected in your next bill. Please check the Invoice Date on the first page of your bill to confirm this.

How can I pay my Shaw Direct bill?

There are a variety of ways you can pay your Shaw Direct bill including via credit card, through your bank or by setting up pre-authorized payments. Visit our support article on Shaw Direct payments methods to learn more.