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Learn more about how to navigate the Shaw Direct plan builder and upgrade your programming package.

How to navigate the Plan Builder

The Plan builder is our online tool to assist customers to add channels, upgrade their programming package and order equipment and accessories. Below is quick walkthrough of different sections in the plan builder. You can access the Plan builder by clicking here.

  1. TV Plan
    • Choose your plan! Use this section if you want to upgrade your current plan, or change your complementary channels that comes with your plan.
  2. Customize
    • Choose channels complementary with your plan. You can choose your own, or we can choose for you.
    • This will not show up if you chose Total TV.
  3. Select equipment
    • Use this section if you want to purchase an extra receiver.
    • Note: Only 6 active receivers are allowed per account.
    • If you just want to upgrade your channels, click “I already have an equipment.”
  4. Select premium channel
    • Medium and Total TV come with premium channels for free.
    • If you chose Small, Extra Small, or Limited TV plan, this section will not show up.
      • Adding premium channels to these packages will incur extra costs.
  5. Quick checkout button
    • If you are satisfied with your selection, click this button and you will be directed to checkout.
  6. Add more channels
    • Use this section if you want to add individual channels, theme packs, premium sports, movies and/or custom 10 packs.
  7. Add more equipment
    • Use this section if you want to purchase equipment or accessories like remote, satellite finder, tripod, etc.

    How to upgrade your Programming Package

    Before getting started, note that this step is for upgrading your Shaw Direct programming package only.

    Note: If you just want to change your complementary channels or update your existing channels, follow the steps here.

    1. Go to
    2. Under TV plan, select a plan.
    3. Click Select.
    4. Toggle between Choose my own or Choose for me.
      • Choose for me: channels will auto complete for you.
        • Click Finalize selections to add the channels
      • Choose my own: select your own channels.
        • Click Add on your favourite channel
        • Once you are done, click Finalize selections
    5. If you chose Medium or Total TV as a plan, click section 4: Select premium channel, otherwise, proceed to step 7.
    6. Choose a premium channel and click Add.
    7. If you are satisfied with your selection:
      • Click Quick checkout
      • Proceed to step 11.
    8. If you want to add more channels:
      • Click Add more channels
      • Find your favourite channel like Crave and click Add.
      • Otherwise, proceed to step 10
    9. If you want to purchase an extra receiver or accessories (remote, install kit etc.) with your order:
      • Click Add more equipment
      • Find the receiver or accessory and click Add
      • Otherwise, proceed to step 10
      • Click Proceed to Checkout.
      • You should be in the Contact Information tab.
      • Fill out the form with your details.
      • Once you are done, click Proceed to Checkout again.
      • Review your order and contact information.
      • Click Submit Order. Your order will be processed in 24-48 hours.

      Additional information

      • We will send you a confirmation email, including a reference number.

        first confirmation
      • Once we processed your order, we will send another email.

      confirmation email-programming change