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Both existing and new customers are eligible to the 2-Year Value Plan.

The 2-year Value Plan offers a price guarantee for two years through extended promotional saving and access to the latest hardware. See the sections below to learn more about our 2-year Value Plan.

Note: 2-Year Value Plans are not available in Quebec and no longer offered in Newfoundland as of December 1, 2023.

What is a 2-Year Value Plan?

Shaw Direct offers 2-Year Value Plans to our existing and new customers for which they can enjoy the latest Shaw Direct hardware, while also locking in their base package rate with a 24-month rate guarantee.

Additional Details

  • You must maintain a minimum 40 dollar TV service plan which is stipulated in the agreement.
  • The price guarantee is only applicable on base packages for two years when signed up. See our Example Agreement and Terms of Service for more details.
  • 2-Year Value Plan is not available in Quebec and Newfoundland

Is a 2-year Value Plan right for me?

2-year ValuePlans are designed for customers who want to receive the most value with their Shaw Direct services and hardware. A 2-year ValuePlan is great for both new and existing Shaw Direct customers.

ValuePlan Benefit New Customer Existing Customer

Seeking price guarantee on Shaw base services for 24 months

Yes Yes

Looking to have access to the latest hardware

Yes Yes

Looking to save on installation fees


Looking to cancel services within the next 24 months


How can I renew my 2-Year Value Plan?

  • You can renew your plan by signing a new agreement as early as month 21 of your existing two-year value plan.
  • To discuss the renewal options please contact us.

Can I cancel a 2-Year Value Plan?

Customers that choose to end their 2-year Value Plan early will be required to:

  1. Return all rental hardware to Shaw Direct if cancelling services.
  2. Pay early cancellation fees calculated based on the number of months remaining in the 2-year Value Plan multiplied by the early cancellation fee of $15 per full month.
  3. For customers in Newfoundland with existing 2-Year Value Plans, the Early cancellation fee will be the lesser of $50, or 10% of the base package rate multiplied by the number of full remaining months.

At the expiry of your 2-year Value Plan term, your service will continue on a month-to-month basis, and your main package rate will be adjusted to current in-market prices. if you are interested in renewing your 2-year Value Plan please click here for more details.

2-year Value Plan FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about Shaw Direct's 2-year Value Plan

Does the 2-year Value Plan include a service price guarantee?

2-year Value Plans include a price guarantee. Visit our Example Agreement and Terms of Service for more details.

What happens at the end of a 2-year Value Plan?

After the 24-month period, customers can renew the Value Plan at the current in-market rate and enjoy the same benefits of a Value Plan for another 2 years. Customers can also choose to not re-sign for two years and pay regular month-to-month rates. If your 2-year Value Plan is not renewed at the end of your two-year term, you will no longer receive any monthly 2-year Value Plan discounts.

Do I get to keep the hardware at the end of the 2-year Value Plan?

Yes. Shaw Direct will continue to provide you with rental equipment at the then-current monthly rental price plus applicable taxes.

If you choose to leave after your term has ended you are required to return all rental hardware to Shaw Direct.

Can I change my level of service while on a 2-year Value Plan?

Provided you maintain the minimum base package of 40 dollars per month before taxes, you can make changes to your services at any time without breaking your agreement. However, downgrading to a lower service level may incur early cancellation fees.

Can I temporarily suspend my account when I have a 2-year Value Plan?

No. You services must remain active for the entire 2-year duration of the agreement.