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Learn more about the Shaw Direct eBill with these tips and frequently asked questions. Shaw Direct eBill allows you to access your billing information quickly and easily through your My Shaw Direct account.

    eBill Sign up

    To sign up for Shaw Direct eBill:

    1. Go to My Shaw Direct.
    2. If you are already registered, enter your account number and password and then click “Sign in”.
    3. If you are new to, click on "Create a Shaw ID to get started" and follow the instructions. You will need the following information:
      • You will need to create a password to go with your Shaw ID. if you have already registered for one, use the forgot password link instead.
      • Email address
      • Account Number
      • Postal Code
      • Once you have entered your information click "Create a Shaw ID" and follow the .
    4. Once logged into My Shaw Direct, click on "My Bills" on the left.
    5. Click on the "Set up" button in the eBill box and follow the instructions on the screen.
    6. You can unsubscribe anytime by clicking the "Unsubscribe from eBill" in the same box.
      shaw id EN

    Viewing your Shaw Direct eBill

    To view your Shaw Direct eBill:

    1. Sign in to My Shaw Direct.
    2. Click on "My bills" on the left and scroll down to the Account History box.
    3. You can view PDF bills or select a date range to display transactions.
      • A total of 24 bills are available, current and 23 previous months.

    shaw id EN 2

    eBill FAQ

    Have more questions about Shaw Direct eBilling? Browse our Frequently Asked Questions below.

    What is Shaw Direct eBill?
    Shaw Direct eBill (electronic bill) is the ability to access your Shaw Direct bill online via My Shaw Direct. This allows you to receive your bill in a digital manner as opposed to having a physical copy mailed out to you each month.

    How do I cancel my paper free billing?
    You may at any time unsubscribed from paper free billing (eBill) by selecting the “Unsubscribe” option as explained in the example above.

    Why did I get an invoice after I subscribed?
    Depending on the date when you subscribed we may have already printed and mailed your invoice.

    Can I print a copy of my invoice?
    Yes, you may print a copy of your invoice from My Shaw Direct > My bills > Account history.

    When will my bill be available to view?
    If you are currently on pre-authorized payments your bill will be available to view online 12 days prior to the invoice date, for regular monthly invoicing bills become available 2 days prior to the invoice date. You will receive a notification email once your bill is available to view.

    My account was deactivated from Paper Free Billing and I am getting paper bills again, why?
    When a customer’s account is overdue more than 38 days after due date, the account is automatically deactivated from paper free billing and we then mail out a notice to the customer. Once the overdue balance on the account has been cleared, paper free billing can then be reactivated.