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Thinking about subscribing or updating your Shaw Direct Satellite TV service? Browse our FAQs to learn more about Shaw Direct satellite TV options including channel information, equipment and more.

Satellite TV Service FAQs

What is Satellite TV service?

Satellite TV is a television service that requires transmission to be broadcast from a satellite to a set-top box unit. Television through satellite uses relayed signals from a Satellite in space to a Shaw Direct set-top box to provide TV services throughout Canada. To enjoy satellite TV services, you will typically require a satellite dish and a satellite set-top box (which acts as your PVR as well). Learn more about satellite television on Wikipedia.

How do I know if Shaw Direct provides satellite TV services in my area?

Shaw Direct services are available across Canada! From BC to Newfoundland and everywhere in between Shaw Direct is all you need!

You can also visit our Website or contact us directly @ 1-888-554-7827. Learn more about why Shaw Direct is a great choice for satellite TV.

What satellite TV equipment is included in a Shaw Direct satellite TV package?

You can choose between 2 different types of set-top boxes and can have up to 6 set-top boxes per residential account.




What channels do we get with a Shaw Direct satellite TV package?

Shaw Direct currently carries over 350 channels in High Definition (HD), plus over 90 audio channels. Visit for a full list of all programming options.

Where can I find a list of Shaw Direct’s satellite TV packages?

Visit our Shaw Direct Channels page for a full list of channels and packaging offered. You can see which channels you currently subscribe to by signing into your Shaw Direct account at, and clicking "TV" on the left-hand side.


How do I know which Shaw Direct satellite TV package is best for me?

You can check out a full list of all Shaw Direct packages by visiting our current Shaw Direct TV packages.

How can I order new Shaw Direct hardware/equipment?

You can easily order any Set-top box online! Visit order online today! For more information visit: How to Order Shaw Direct Equipment [link to:]

How can Iaccess My Shaw Direct bill and see my services?
The easiest way to access your bill is through your My Shaw Direct account. You can sign into your My Shaw Direct account by clicking here or if you do not have an account visit to create one! If you have not signed up for eBill (invoices by email), you will get a paper invoice by mail. You can sign up for eBilling at any time to help protect our environment and ensure you get your bills on time every month.