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To continue providing you with a high-quality satellite TV experience, we need to upgrade our satellite network across Canada. Some older set-top boxes may need to be upgraded to avoid service disruptions.

Keeping your equipment up to date will ensure that you have access to your favourite channels and access to more channels through our lineup.

How do I know if I have a compatible set-top box or need an upgrade?

All of our satellite set-top boxes display the model number on the left corner of the front panel. If the model number on your set-top box is HDDSR 800 or HDPVR 830, no action is required and you’ll continue to enjoy Shaw Direct services as before. If you are actively using any other model, your set-top box needs to be upgraded to avoid service disruption - please contact us today at 1-855-874-6947 to discuss complimentary upgrade options.


    Tip: Pay careful attention to the model numbers as they may look similar. Only HDDSR 800 and HDPVR 830 are compatible with our upgraded network!

    How to Install your Shaw Direct Set-Top Box

    One you’ve received your replacement Shaw Direct set-top-box, you can be back up and running in just a few easy steps. Click on the installation guide corresponding to your upgraded equipment below and we’ll walk you through getting things set up as quickly as possible: ­

    For more tips and tricks, including transferring your existing settings to your new set-top box, visit

    What happens if I don’t upgrade my satellite equipment?

    If you choose to delay upgrading your equipment, you will lose access to more and more channels within your Shaw Direct lineup as we upgrade our network. We expect the upgrade to be fully complete by mid-February 2024.

    If you’ve lost access to a channel due to incompatible satellite equipment, you may see a blank screen when trying to tune into a channel, or one of the following messages:

    • A message informing you to upgrade your satellite equipment
    • “Receiver has lost satellite signal”
    • “You are not currently subscribed to this channel”

    Contact us today at 1-855-874-6947 to avoid service disruptions and learn about our complimentary upgrade offers.

    Other benefits of upgrading your Shaw Direct equipment

    Your upgraded set-top box offers enhanced features which we’re excited for you to experience:

    • Wi-Fi compatibility for easy access to Shaw Direct on Demand1, which puts thousands of movies at your fingertips at a time that suits you. Many are included with your subscription at no additional cost.
    • Watch what you want, when you want. On Demand lets you stream a huge collection of current and past seasons from channels included with your Shaw Direct TV plan.
    • HDPVR only: a larger 1TB hard drive, allowing you to record over 750 hours2 of your favourite shows for viewing at a more convenient time.
    • Up to 14 days of Guide data, including detailed descriptions, episode titles, and an indication of new versus repeat airings.
    • New on-screen features, including your local weather.

    1Subject to Internet connectivity. A high-speed Internet connection is required to access Shaw Direct On Demand. HD Video On Demand content requires at least 5.0 Mbps to stream.

    2Capacity will increase over time, with 750 hours being fully available in mid-February 2024 on completion of the network upgrade.