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Picture doesn’t fit my screen

There are a number of reasons as to why your picture may not fit your screen including viewing an SD channel on an HDTV. Learn how to adjust aspect and picture settings of your TV with these tips.

Did you know

If you have a high definition (HD) receiver and an HDTV, ensure you are connected with an HDMI cable. Connecting your receiver using standard definition (SD) cable types, such as RCA or coaxial, can result in an oddly shaped picture.

Reasons why picture doesn’t fit your screen

Some of the reasons why your picture may not fit on your screen:

  • Viewing an SD channel on an HDTV will show black bars on all sides of the picture
  • If you are currently tuned to an HD channel, the program airing may not be available in HD (the picture will return to normal once the broadcast is complete)

If you have an SDTV

  • SD content broadcast on an HD channel will have bars on all 4 sides.
  • Tuning to the SD version of the broadcast will result in a properly sized picture.

How to adjust aspect and picture settings

You can use the "ASPECT" or "B" button on the remote control to stretch or zoom the picture on your screen.

  • "Stretch" will widen the picture to better fit the 16 x 9 format of your HDTV (black bars will remain on the top and bottom of the screen).
  • "Zoom" will enlarge the entire picture, which will cut off a small portion of the picture on the left and right of the screen.

If you do not have either of these buttons on your remote, these settings can also be modified under:
OPTIONS > Preferences > Video & Audio Settings > SD Aspect Ratio

Some HDTVs also have different options to adjust the picture size, please refer to your TV manual for the best viewing experience.