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Every spring and autumn, the sun passes directly behind our satellites causing solar noise that interferes with our satellite signal. During this “sun transit” period, you may experience loss of signal and/or loss of picture for up to 20 minutes, once a day, up to 14 consecutive days.

Sun Transit Schedule

Our main satellite in geostationary orbit, Anik G1, deliver all of your Shaw Direct channels. The following sets of predictions may affect the channels you watch:

(Listings below are in Eastern Standard time)

St. John's, NLOctober 5 to October 13 20247:15 PM7:17 PM
Halifax, NSOctober 4 to October 13 20247:03 PM7:16 PM
Fredericton, NBOctober 5 to October 13 20247:12 PM7:14 PM
Charlottetown, PEOctober 5 to October 13 20247:13 PM7:15 PM
Montreal, QCOctober 5 to October 13 20247:09 PM7:12 PM
Toronto, ONOctober 5 to October 13 20247:08 PM7:10 PM
Winnipeg, MBOctober 6 to October 15 20246:59 PM7:01 PM
Regina, SKOctober 7 to October 15 20246:55 PM6:57 PM
Calgary, ABOctober 7 to October 15 20246:51 PM6:53 PM
Vancouver, BCOctober 6 to October 15 20246:48 PM6:50 PM
Whitehorse, YTOctober 8 to October 17 20246:45 PM6:48 PM
Yellowknife, NTOctober 9 to October 17 20246:52 PM6:54 PM
Iqaluit, NUOctober 9 to October 17 20247:04 PM7:06 PM