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Seasonal Break troubleshooting: How to refresh your set-top box

If your Shaw Direct services were turned back on and you see one of these messages, “Your authorization has expired” or “A subscription is required” on your TV screen, you will need to refresh your set-top box.

Shaw Direct: Satellite set-top box Frequently Asked Questions

Having issues with your satellite set-top box? Check out our FAQs and find additional resources to help troubleshoot your Shaw Direct satellite set-top box issues.

Troubleshooting tips for intermittent satellite signal

Learn how to identify and troubleshoot intermittent TV signal, which is one of the most common issues with satellite signal interference.

How to fix the time display on your set-top box

Learn how to fix the incorrect time on your set-top box.

Troubleshooting on-screen error messages

Learn how to troubleshoot common issues with your Shaw Direct satellite TV service.

Troubleshooting not authorized / not subscribed errors on your set-top box

Use these tips to troubleshoot authorization issues with your satellite set-top box(satellite receiver).

Troubleshooting set-top box changes channels by itself

If your channels are changing on their own, the set-top box is probably being affected by UHF interference.

How to troubleshoot satellite set-top box will not boot up

Learn how to troubleshoot when your Shaw Direct satellite set-top box will not boot up.

Troubleshooting guide to missing satellite channels

Learn how to troubleshoot missing channels on your satellite set-top box.

Additional Articles

My set-top box reboots itself

Learn about the reason why your set-top box may reboot itself based on the following scenarios. Your satellite set-top box may reboot from time to time. This is expected and ensures your set-top box is functioning correctly. If you are noticing occasional reboots (once or twice per month, which can vary between software versions), no troubleshooting is necessary.

Your signal may be affected by sun transit

Learn how the sun’s movement may affect your Shaw Direct satellite TV signal.