Advanced HDPVR Satellite System

Advanced HDPVR: "TOP 10" Frequently Asked Questions

With any complex technology, there are times when you may need assistance. We provide help for the most common problems that you may experience. Here are the top 10 most frequently asked questions about the Advanced HDPVR (630):

  • What does the "menu" button do?
    Pressing "MENU" on your remote control brings up the Menu Bar – your gateway to all the great features available on your Advanced HDPVR. From this single menu, you can access the guide, recordings, search 14 days of program listings and access over 75 radio and digital music channels. The menu bar also enables you to customize and manage each scheduled recording to best suit your viewing needs!
  • How do I quickly navigate to a particular day and time in the guide?
    With 14 days of programming information, our enhanced Guide has more information than ever before. By pressing the "REWIND" or "FAST FORWARD" button, you can skip forwards or backwards in six-hour increments. Need to go further? Jump a full 24 hours with the SKIP buttons. Feeling lost? Simply press the "PLAY" button and we'll take you right back to where you started on the current channel at the current time. Try them out – in no time you'll be navigating your interactive On-Screen Guide like a pro!
  • How do I search for something to watch or listen to?
    Our new search features make it easier than ever to find exactly what you're looking for. Just select "Search" from the Menu Bar to get started.

    If you know the title of a program you are searching for, simply select "Title Search" and spell the program name. Interests search allows you to find something by timeframe, category, and genre. In the mood for a great dramatic movie, coming up next? Simply use the "Interests" search and select "Up Next", "Movie", and "Drama". Want to take advantage of 40 commercial-free music channels? Select "MUSIC" in the menu bar and pick a genre or city! With Shaw Direct's new Advanced HDPVR, it's just that easy.
  • How do I setup a recurring series recording?
    With the Advanced HDPVR, it's super easy to record a full season of your favourite shows! By selecting a program in the Guide or Search results and pressing "ENTER",
    You'll see the Program Options menu where you can record all or just new episodes of that show, see when that program is airing, even find more information before setting a recording! With the Advanced HDPVR's Smart PVR Technology, you'll never miss an episode of your favorite show again – whether you are home to record it or not!
  • How do I customize my recording options to make the most of my Advanced HDPVR?
    We know that your programming preferences are as unique as you are. With Smart PVR Technology, Shaw Direct brings you the ability to fully customize nearly every aspect of your recording preferences - placing the power in your hands! From the Menu Bar, simply select "PVR" and then "Options". In this screen you can unleash the full potential of your new receiver.

    The PVR Options menu shows all Recording Events that you currently have set, ordered by priority. The next recording time and type of event are shown as well. To customize your settings, simply select a Recording Event and press "ENTER".

    "Priority" determines which shows get recorded in the event of a conflict. By default, one-time recordings are scheduled with top priority. New recurring recordings are scheduled with bottom priority. You can tweak priority to ensure, for example, the PVR doesn't record a rerun of SpongeBob instead of the new episode of True Blood.

    The "Channels" option enables you change where the PVR looks to record each particular show. Options include High-Definition only, standard definition only, on a single channel, or on all channels. Your Advanced HDPVR knows what channels you subscribe to so will only record on channels you get are subscribed to.

    Is your favorite show always going into overtime? The "Start Early" and "End Late" feature lets you automatically add time to the beginning or end of your scheduled recording. By setting this, you'll never miss the opening joke or preview of next week's show again!

    Tired of your PVR List being overloaded with reruns or kids shows? By changing the "Keep" option, your Advanced HDPVR will only retail the specified number of episodes of a particular program.

    The Advanced HDPVR will automatically delete the oldest recordings in the PVR List when space is needed for new recordings. If a particular program is something you simply cannot lose, the "Keep Until" option enables you to protect that show from automatic cleanup.

    Once you've customized your Recording Events to meet your needs, your Advanced HDPVR will replan and generate your updated recording schedule. You can see the planned recordings by selecting "Upcoming" from the "PVR" section of the Menu Bar to ensure exactly what you expect is scheduled to be recorded.
  • How do I hide the channels I don't subscribe to?
    With the Advanced HDPVR, all unsubscribed channels appear in grey, allowing you to quickly know what programming you currently subscribe to. Want to remove these channels from the Guide? Simply open the Guide, press "OPTIONS" on the remote and change "Unsubscribed Channels" to "Hide". Don't worry about missing out on the thousands of hours of Free Previews that Shaw Direct provides every year – these channels will automatically appear in your Guide when they are available!
  • How do I quickly find what I'm looking for in my pvr list or the upcoming screens?
    With 175 hours of recording capacity and 14 days of program listings, sometimes it can get overwhelming trying to find what you're looking for. Fear not, because your Advanced HDPVR has a feature to help you sort through the listings.

    By default, each program in your PVR list will be automatically sorted chronologically with the newest recordings at the top. By pressing the LEFT or RIGHT arrows on your remote, you can sort all recordings alphabetically. If you crave even more structure, you can group each recording into its show title with each episode grouped into a sub-category. The current sort mode will be in yellow so you know how your programs are grouped.

    When you are looking at upcoming recordings or upcoming air dates for a program, you can similarly organize based on either name (alphabetical) or date (chronological). Use the LEFT or RIGHT arrow keys to toggle the sort mode.

    We know you like to know what's going on. With these sorting options available, your recordings will be organized – even if life sometimes isn't.
  • How do I save a program I'm currently watching for later viewing?
    We've all been there: watching a great program and halfway through think "I wish I had recorded this!" With your new Advanced HDPVR, you'll never have that regret again.

    Your receiver automatically begins recording a show when you tune to a channel, enabling you to control live TV. You can pause the program to answer the phone and resume the show without missing a second. Miss a great goal or hilarious joke? Not anymore! Simply press "SKIP BACK" and watch that moment again and again. Keep in mind that changing to another channel will begin a new recording, and any live TV recorded on the previous channel will be lost.

    If you have been watching a show and want to save what you've watched, you can press the "RECORD" button and everything you have viewed up to that point will be saved in your PVR list. The remainder of the program will also continue to be recorded even if you change channels or turn your receiver off.
  • How do I have maximum control when playing back my recordings?
    Whether you want to skip to a car chase, re-watch a tender moment or see a goal in slow-motion, your Advanced HDPVR puts you in the driver's seat. Pressing "REWIND" or "FAST FORWARD" allows you to move backwards or forward through a recording, quickly and seamlessly. There are three fast forward and rewind speeds available; pressing the button again moves to the next speed.

    The "SKIP BACK" and "SKIP AHEAD" buttons skip 10 seconds back and 30 seconds ahead. This amount of time can be customized to any duration that best suits your viewing preferences.

    Want more control? Our Absolute Skip feature allows you to choose how many minutes you would like to skip forward (or back) by pressing the number of minutes and then the SKIP button. For example, pressing "2", "SKIP AHEAD" will move you 2 minutes forward.

    Want to jump right to the best part of a program? Use your remote control to enter the point you want to jump to, followed by the "PLAY" key to move right there. For example, "8","5","PLAY" will take you directly to 85:00 in the program!

    With the Advanced HDPVR, you can go anywhere – at least in your recordings!
  • How do I know when dual recordings are about to begin?
    With all the great programming that Shaw Direct has to offer, you may want to record two shows at once. With your Advanced HDPVR you can watch a third, previously recorded program.

    If you are watching a live show when the Advanced HDPVR is about to record two others, you will see a warning icon displayed in the top right corner of the screen. By pressing "ENTER" on the remote, you can choose to allow or deny the second recording from taking place.

    Should you miss the warning, don't worry: your Advanced HDPVR will automatically tune you to one of the recordings. This ensures that your scheduled programs will be recorded in their entirety!

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