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Shaw Direct Rate Adjustment - April 1, 2020

Starting April 1, 2020, rates for select Shaw Direct TV services will be increasing. Notification of this rate change will be included in your monthly invoice in February or March, depending on your billing cycle. If you are on an introductory offer or are a business contracted customer, this increase will not take effect until the introductory or contract rate ends. If you have placed your account on a seasonal break, this change may still affect your rate.


How much is my rate increasing by?

In late February or March, you will find a message in your bill detailing the exact amount.

Why are my rates going up?

This rate adjustment supports network and technology upgrades, so you have continued access to reliable programming infrastructure and crystal-clear HD programming.

When will this rate adjustment start?

April 1, 2020.

When will I first see the increase on my bill? How will it look on my bill?

You’ll first see it on your March invoice, which will cover a service period of 30 days between March and April (ie: from March 14 to April 13.) You will be billed the current rate for days billed in March and the new rate for any days billed in April. This partial month of billing at the new rate will be clearly highlighted on page 2 of your invoice, highlighted as, “Programming Price Change (Prorated).”

For your April invoice, you will be invoiced at the new rates for a full 30-day billing period.

I want to review my existing TV plan, where can I reach out?

We are committed to providing a TV plan that’s right for you. Contact us about your programming needs. We are here to help.

Is the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) involved in regulating Shaw service rates?

The CRTC is not involved in setting Shaw Direct rates. Shaw Direct is solely accountable for any and all changes made to our pricing.